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Friday 13 October 2017

Betting For a Living - Discipline

Betting. For many, it's a disgusting word to be banished from all but the devil himself. 

An old mate says: ''I don't gamble, Buddy.'' 

Why are so many people scared to bet? They have seen how it has been a costly decision for friends, family or celebrities. Look at that football player who lost a fortune. That old bloke who lives in the bookmakers his family gone. 

To be fair gambling can be very deceiving. It lures people to the edge of the cliff when they think they are viewing a magnificent vista of meadows with flowers perfumed with a heavenly scent. 

It is all too easy to think you understand what you are getting into with gambling but a lack of experience can bring you to your knees. It is similar in many aspects of life. Without a doubt, hindsight is a wonderful thing. By the time many gamblers realise they have lost too much money they are hooked. They chase their losses to a point where all logic has gone replaced by a false hope that tomorrow will be different. It can be different. Few things are more saddening than seeing someone betting and losing time after time without ever accepting they will never win while others do. 

What makes them so different?

You may begin to question why. You should question everything you do. Like a betting psychiatrist. I'm sure Sigmund Freud had an explanation you would never have figured. 

What is the difference between winners and losers? 


Crucially, discipline in those early years of betting. It is the key to successful gambling. You need to have skill based on a disciplined approach.  

Is your betting governed by rules, guidelines, insight, knowledge & experience?

Let's look at a tradesman, dentist, athlete... Could you achieve more than a skilled person without experience? Unless you have honed your skills, your chance of achieving a better standard than a seasoned professional is slim.

Can a novice beat an expert? They may get lucky once in a blue moon but not longterm. 

A good chess player vs a seasoned professional. They would look at you with a knowing smile. Gambling is just the same. To win you need to outwit an experienced layer. Bookmakers are far from perfect but they are no fools.They use talented people to beat you up. It is a battle which you need to know the rules. 

To win you have to be confident in your ability. If someone looks you in the eyes and says: ''I'm going to win'' How would that make you feel? Threatened? Apprehensive? Or would you look back and think you have underestimated me. In fact, ''I'm going to win''. 

What I would say to any budding gambler is don't be in any rush to bet before you have learned those basic principles you need to be a successful gambler. It is difficult to define because each gambler has their own angle, niche, expertise. However, if you bet without understanding you will learn so many bad habits they may prove to be a curse you cannot escape. Learn from your mistakes without losing money. Get a grip with the subject matter. Build your knowledge and niche so you have your own approach. From there, build steadily. Be disciplined and work with reason. Without an answer to a question, you will likely make a poor decision. Even as a skilled gambler has days where they make the wrong call. Every winner or loser answers a question which longterm can help you be a success. Listen to what they say. 

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