Wednesday 4 October 2017

Can you Really Win at Gambling?

So many people are brainwashed. They don't even realise that their brain has been washed. I think it has been bleached or taken out of a hinged skull as part of a new advert for Fairy Liquid. It's all too easy to notice those who are struggling with this affliction. They have a certain look on their face. A pale, bemused, inquisitive, dashing look which turns to scepticism if you utter certain words. These people don't know anything about gambling. However, they think they know one thing really well: ''You can't beat the bookmakers. 

Can you?''

This may seem a strange question to ask. 

But can you plaster a wall? Butcher a pig? Be a croupier in a casino? 

It might seem a strange question to ask but it gets the point across. 

Let's imagine you are walking down the street and randomly searching for a given person. How many people would you need to ask before you found a quality plasterer? I don't know the ratio of plasterers in the general population. However, my brother is in that exact trade and I know he does an excellent job. 

If I said to you: Can you plaster a wall? The chances are, you would say: No! I may ask 100 people and they may give me the same answer. 

Gambling is the same. To be a successful gambler you are one of few. You didn't just wake up one morning to find you were a professional gambler just as all those in the building trade didn't just set their alarm clock the night before to wake one frosty morning to find they are an expert bricklayer. I wish it happened. 

Sadly not!

It takes time, dedication, experience, interest, blood, sweat and tears (perhaps). Trying to pebble dash a wall is enough to make a grown man cry. 

The difference with gambling is that it is a cliche that no one can beat the bookies. Whereas few question someone who says they are a mechanic, window cleaner or even a solicitor. I guess they just consider that it can't be done. Mainly because they don't understand how it could be possible. It's very strange how someone who doesn't understand something can have an opinion. Brainwashed. Look closely and they have soap suds in their ears. It's a strange kind of ''logic''.

However, just because you can't believe it is possible, there are people making money in every niche you can imagine. How? They just know a little more than most and that little better understanding makes them money. In that sense, they are the best man, woman or child for the job. That's why in the old days, children were chimney sweeps. An adult was just too big.  

In truth, being successful at one thing is very much the same as being successful at another. Nothing is easy. At least not being to a level where you can earn money from a skill.  Every predator has a predator. Nothing is guaranteed. Bookmakers are cunning like foxes, but they can get caught. Plenty of bookmakers go out of business. Competition from other bookmakers but big winners too. 

Would you tell your doctor you know more than him? I often say to people: Don't limit someone. That limitation isn't usually anything about the ''other person'' because how do you know what they are about? In truth, it is simply your own limitation which you project onto them. It's strange but true.

If you don't have an open mind, you won't see the potential in lots of things. Why should it be a surprise when you try to open a door it seems stuck fast while someone walks through without a care in the world.

If your mind is closed to opportunity, understanding and success that door may never open. 

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