Firstly a very warm welcome and a big thank you for taking the time to visit Patient Speculation.

You may have seen many sports tipping websites but none like this. Why? Well, you will notice that our sports tipsters are not only keen to keep you informed of value bets but they have a personal wager with me. It's a novel concept that gets readers coming back day after day. 

Yikes. I really don't know whether to shout win or lose!!!!!

Patient Speculation is a great website with an inspired concept.

Our writers like a gamble. I gamble every day for a living. You like to gamble. So it seems perfectly natural to let betting slips and cash fly. Patient Speculation has a novel approach that gets people talking. It certainly puts a spark into the sports writers who detail professional, informed articles because they are trying their utmost to win my cash. In the process, we tempt our pundits to reveal their top info.    

We hope to add more sports writers. If you know someone with a penchant for camel racing, predicting snow on Christmas day or a weekly tipster of a more conventional sport then we would love to hear from them too. 

Contact jason@patientspeculation.com