Wednesday, 1 September 2021

5 Ways Psychology can Improve your Gambling

Psychology – the study of behaviour and mind. I think you will agree it is a fascinating subject because it helps identify knew wisdom, understanding and advancement of the human condition. 

You may have seen the subject of psychology detailed within gambling as psychopathology. Research relating to addiction, which is a problem for many who lose control and betting to a point of harm. I have always been interested in the other side of the coin. 

How can we use psychology to actually improve our chance of winning? 

It's a topic of conversation that I have heard very little news. However, I have spent many hours reading psychology books from a quantitative and qualitative perspective and these tips can help you win when betting on the horses. 

1) The chair you sit.

It sounds a crazy idea but research has shown that the chair you sit when making your bets can be the difference between winning and losing. Or, at least, improving your chances of making it a profitable day. It was found that people sitting on a harder chair were harder negotiators than those who sat in comfort. 

2) Be Careful who you listen to.

You may not realise it, but you are influenced without knowing. The racing paper, TV channel, opinions and thoughts can easily sway your judgement. If you have good reason to follow your tip – don't be swayed. 

3) Become an expert.

Can the novice punter be better than the expert? It is said that it takes 10,000 hours or study to become an expert of any subject. Make sure you put in the hours and especially work within a niche. It will give you a huge advantage over the opposition. 

4) I followed that horse off a cliff.

We've all been there. I bet on that horse the last three times so I can't afford to let it go by today. You probably didn't realise but this is psychology at work. You are much more likely to bet on an old favourite horse that n new name because of this previous relationship. However, you need to keep this point in mind as all too often this type of horse disappoint and become very costly to follow. 

5) The Contrast Theory.

This is worth noting. How many times have you seen one horse beat another only to see them re-oppose next start. Take a look at the betting. The beaten horse is likely to be a bigger price. Not a surprise you might say. But how big are the odds? The human condition details that we often make mistakes in this area and favour the previous winner much more than we should to a level where the outsider of the two horses is a value bet. If the horse looks to have a reason why it could improve: going, distance, jockey it may be the bet. 

The next time you place a bet, take a moment to consider how psychology may have helped or hindered your chance of winning.

Saturday, 24 July 2021

Gambling: When the Fun Stops, Stop!

Watching TV.  One thing you may have noticed is the amount of advertising from leading bookmakers. Casino. Slots. Two flies crawling up a wall. 

Any random sporting event on TV. (What's the odds of a bookmaker ad?) 

Love a bit of darts action. But what do we see each and every advert? More reasons to gamble on just about everything! 

The problem with gambling is that it isn't, for many, as easy as saying: 'When the fun stops, STOP!'

What a ridiculous statement. Seemingly negating any responsibility for those who can't stop gambling. Addiction is clearly a problem for many people. I have never had a gambling problem simply because I am very disciplined and don't bet for fun. I would suggest that most people shouldn't be for 'pleasure'. Firstly there is nothing fun, funny, humorous about losing money. If you want to bet for any reason than making money, then play with matchsticks or casino chips you can buy without any great cost. You can learn how to bet more successfully. When you consider it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert (it takes longer) then a novice has much to learn.

Why shouldn't you bet for fun? Because it encourages people to not take their gambling/investing seriously. Money is a serious business. Gambling is even more serious because not only do you have the opportunity to make lots of money but the majority it is an opportunity to lose what they cannot afford. 

That's why I would suggest if you bet for fun then take a moment to re-assess why you are betting in the first place. 

There are lots of very naive gamblers attracted by adverts promoting 'fun'. They suck people in who simply do not have the experience or understanding to appreciate what they are dealing with. It's akin to playing with that ouija board and daring to ask the question: What date will I die?

Perhaps that question is going beyond what people ask before, during or after gambling. They could simply ask: How much will I win (positive) or how much will I lose (perhaps, realistic if you are betting for 'fun').

People need to appreciate that gambling isn't fun. To win you need to be better your opponents. You wouldn't fancy your chances racing Usain Bolt over 100m and you shouldn't fancy yourself to beat a bookmaker, layer or informed bloke in the pub if he is willing to take your bet. Unless you are very confident you will win.

In legal terms they say buyer beware. It is a good maxim for those who wish to bet. Gambler beware.

The bookmakers filter people like a sieve. 

If you win too much they will soon close your account. They need new 'clients' and as long as you lose they will allow you to bet. That's why you are best to use betting exchanges. 

I do have concerns about the impact of children watching sport and being tainted by bookmaker advertising. 'Can I bet, Dad?'

What are your thoughts on gambling advertising? 

Tuesday, 6 July 2021

High Risk or Low Risk?

What sort of better are you? Do you like to “risk it to get the biscuit” or are you more of a conservative gambler? For the best world cup betting tips check out world cup tips and you will be privileged enough to get the opinions of some of the smartest minds in the game when it comes to the world cup. Whether you are a risk taker or a safe better, world cup tips will have the answers for you. 

I am quite a safe better myself, I will make the following safe bets come the world cup. I would put some money on Germany and Brazil to win the world cup outright. I would bet on Messi of Argentian and Neymar from Brazil to win the golden boot and I would even take a punt on David De Gae of Spain to win the golden gloves award. I know many punters who would take a risk and bet on dark horses such as Belgium, France or Argentina to win the World Cup and these are not bad bets to be fair. All three sides have quality players and if they perform to their best abilities there is absolutely no reason why they will not have fighting chance of winning. There will also be the odd punter who will bet on players such as Ronaldo – the Portuguese genius and Harry Kane – England’s new golden boy. These two players are world class players and have scored goals for fun in their respective leagues this year however do Portugal have the ability to go as far in the tournament as a team such as Brazil? Only time will tell! That is the beauty of the World Cup, there is always a shock result around the corner. World Cup Tips will be able to assist you in deciding which games to bet on and which teams to bet on in the process. 

Everyone loves themselves an underdog story and we would love nothing better than to see an outsider go on to win the tournament this year. Some of the outsiders who may be worth taking a punt on would be for sides such as Russia the hosts to reach the latter stages of the competition. Russian have some talented players and they will be boosted by the fans and the fans will most certainly be the 12th man rooting and pushing the players over the line late in games. It often happens that the host nation seems to perform over and above their abilities as the have the chance to become hero’s in their nation. We saw South Korea surprise the footballing world when they got all the way to the Quarter Finals in the tournament in 2002 when the competition was played in South Korea and Japan. When it comes to betting, always be safe and think before you make that bet!

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

The Perception of the Gamble

Life's a gamble. 

That's what they say.

When people say they don't gamble, what do you think? Wise, stupid, intelligent, absurd? 

I guess when people say they don't gamble they simply mean they don't gamble with a regular bet on the horses, dogs, the proverbial two flies crawling up a wall.

I wonder how many of those people bet on the lottery?  

January 6th, 1996 saw the very first double rollover in the United Kingdom, prompting a staggering 86% of the population of Britain to dash out to buy a ticket!

Strangely, the majority of those people don't gamble. Or they would tell you they don't gamble. 

Well, they certainly did that week. 

The everyday gambler is seen as a mug punter. But as with every aspect of life, we go from the novice to the expert. The main difference between the two is that the expert has worked hard to understand their subject matter. They are wise, efficient and studious. That still doesn't guarantee they will be a winner or make money on their investments. 

Consider how differently you may view these professions: stockbroker, a professional gambler.  

The old stereotypes hit your synapses like a lorry smashing into a wall. 

Well, one is kind of a posh professional, while the other wears a dodgy mac, has a roll up hanging from his mouth and shifty looking. Is that a bundle of notes in his pocket or a gun or a sudden attack of arousal?

I guess you get a few stockbrokers who look the same but both are rather peculiar perceptions. Walter Lippman coined the phrase stereotype a fascinating, intelligent and noted Pulitzer Prize winner 1958, 1962. 

Roll a dice - one or six. What odds would tempt you to bet?

You know there is a price at which only a fool would turn down a gamble. Surely you are not one of those fools?

An example of stereotypes: if I said I knew a French professional gambler you may see an imagine of him riding a cycle, wearing a beret and a string of onions hanging around his neck. 

But that is the thing about the mysterious, illicit, looked-down upon everyday gambler. Look at that idiot, he thinks he can beat the bookmakers. 

Well, I'm here to tell you that's exactly what many gamblers do on a regular basis. The perception is that a bookmaker will always triumph over a gambler. He's the vampire bat sucking the blood out of a nieve punter who doesn't even realise its latched on the back of his neck.

It is difficult to draw the line between where a gamble starts and finished. You are not probably conscious of the gambles you are taking on a daily basis. Perhaps you are. Lucky you...

When crossing the road, few people are stupid enough to walk across without taking a glance left and right. If you are super cautious you may even look in the air for falling pianos and the like.The odds of getting knocked down on the road are real. They don't simply disappear because you haven't given them the time of day. Insurance companies could tell you the odds and they would rob you blind if you asked for a bet on that poor old dear who isn't as nimble as she once was on her feet.

Wouldn't you rather be conscious of the gamble? You may be able to negate those odds, increase your chance of winning or even live a little longer than you thought.

Monday, 5 April 2021

Grand National 2021: It's a Women's World

The saying goes: ''Behind every good man is a good woman.''

After the 1975 Sex Discrimination Act, that quote should have been turned on its head. 

Equality is something that has been very hard fought. In fact, it took the determination of Charlotte Brew riding her horse Barony Fort to help change the attitudes of the populous, especially the horse racing establishment, who simply wouldn't give female jockeys the opportunity to contest the Grand National. 

That was until 1977 when Brew forced the hand of the governing body when the partnership qualified for the greatest steeplechase in the world after finishing fourth in the Fox Hunters Chase. 

Since that day the Grand National has been a race contested by males and females. However, over the duration of over 40 years just 17 female jockeys have taken part. 

Nina Carberry and Katie Walsh have both started in six Grand Nationals. Walsh has achieved the best position when finishing third in 2012 on Seabass. 

Another female rider who has paved the way is Venetia Williams who rode Marcolo in 1988, a faller, but triumphed as a trainer of Mon Mone when the 100/1 shot won the 2009 Grand National ridden by Liam Treadwell. 

The National is a race with many stories to tell and perhaps the most famous of all is the success of Red Rum who won the race three times in 1973, 1974 and 1977. 

It is probably only a matter of time before the first female jockey wins the biggest prize of all. 

Take a look at this animated video narrated by Katie Walsh detailing the history of female jockeys in the Grand National. 

Source: Betway racing.

Monday, 15 March 2021

2021 Cheltenham Festival Day 2

Day two of the Cheltenham Festival. 

I hope yesterday proved a great day. Money in your pocket. Perhaps you're playing catch up. Well, today is the day. 

Feel inspired. 

Take a look at the video posted below. It really makes me smile and just shows that even your favourite football players just love everything Cheltenham. 

Basically, are you Cheltenham Ready?

This 3-minute video is pure gold. Betway Horse Racing have asked the opinions of West Ham's Jesse Lingard and friends what they know about everything equine. 

To be fair, they probably don't know as much as most punters, but I'm sure even the likes of Nicky Henderson would struggle to draw a picture of a horse. 

It doesn't help when Michail Antonio decided to draw his horse with full-on tackle. 


Monday, 22 February 2021

4:40 Wolverhampton Racing Info (22nd February)

Nothing too exciting happening today, but you just never know what could turn out to be a bet. 

For those who like to bet take a look at Online Bookies to get the latest reviews and offers. The 4:40 Wolverhampton is one of those races that could be go from one extreme to the other. It could well go to the favourite or the rag. So we had best detail a few horses of interest although, I'll tell you know, there isn't too much when it comes to pinning the tail on the donkey. 


My brother, Tony, loves a bet and he has been taking a look at this 6f (6f 20y) Median Auction Stakes. 

Tributo, trained by Stuart Williams, has been a touch unlucky in his last four races, after unseating his rider when odds on at Chelmsford, then disappointing at Lingfield when fifth, and a couple of runner-up efforts when running creditable behind Electric Blue and then a neck loser at Southwell when running on well in a blanket finish. Connections are stepping up a furlong, so we will have to see what happens. By all accounts, this looks a decent opportunity although I'm always fearful of a horse that seems to make hard work of winning. I would have slight concerns this extra furlong may see him too keen early doors, which wouldn't be a plus. A plum draw may well see Kingscote lead and try to hang on for grim death. 

I wouldn't be betting at short odds. 

Papas Girl was given a couple of significant race entries at two and even competed in the Dick Pool Stakes (Group 2) and Listed Race, but completely outclassed. This is a drop in class and I would suspect Stan Moore comes here with a decent chance. A wide draw (12) isn't the best starting point and if trying to get to the rail and failing, it would be a disaster. I hate a horse that runs wide on the bend because it seems impossible to win. So, I guess, they will drop in behind, unless feeling lucky, and could go well especially if touching each-way prices. 

Brazon Bow holds fair win and place claims for Richard Fahey. I do like a horse on their second start. 

I can't say I know much about new trainer Hilal Kobeissi. I will have to read up and find out more. Kukri Klass has raced twice and not shown a great deal. This daughter of The Gurka is owned by Burn Farms Racing, who used to do very well with Noel Quinlan. The mare, Blanche Dubawi was a talented sprinter who won at Listed class. Kukri Klass may be heading to nurseries but this bay filly may have a hope at giant odds (40/1). 

I am a fan of Philip McBride who, again, can go well with horses on their second start. To be fair, Broughton's Chief needs to have a transformation after looking to need the run. This bay gelding looks a progressive type and although likely to show more today, wouldn't be my first choice, although not my last. 

In a race of thirteen three-year-olds we have a little bit of everything going. 

Conclusion: I wouldn't get involved in this race. My brother said he half fancies Papas Girl if available at each-way odds, although the wide draw could well be a problem. Tributo is making hard work of winning and although should hit the nail on the head isn't a horse I could bet at short odds. Brazon Bow has a profile of a horse who will be trying. Kukri Klass and Broughton's Chief are interesting from a watching point of view. It's a race I would rather watch than bet.