Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Big Bets at the Casino

Not seen her at the casinoSo you love to bet at the casino. 

I wonder if you change up £50 cash for 50p chips or are you a high roller who likes to have a wedge and doesn't peel off anything less than a BIG NOTE. 

You don't need to go to Montecarlo to see people betting cash like is going out of fashion. While some of us go to the charity shops and thrift stores to find a three-piece suit others go to Savile Row. It's funny that so often the worst dressed punter is the big spender. I imagine they have better things to do than think which tie goes with which shirt. Plain. Stripes. Bow tie. Who wants to be the best-dressed man losing cash off the hip? If you were a chef you would be more cordoned off than cordon bleu. Noir cassoulet!

I guess many people love brick and mortar casinos. Sometimes you just want to sit at home, put your feet up and have a little flutter at this website

So what did you notice the last time you went to the casino? There is plenty going on. Blackjack, roulette, slots, 3-card poker...and a few strange Chinese games I don't know how to play or even what they are called. Funny. I always notice the Chinese punters enjoy a good bet. (Rarely well dressed).

Winning or losing - comes quickly AT THE CASINO.

I have been very lucky at Great Yarmouth. My lucky single number and corner. Clearly, it is just about being lucky. Every number has an equal chance of coming up on the roulette. You wouldn't think so when you see the numbers in an evening. Hot numbers. Cold numbers. A couple of frosty ones stuck in the deep freeze nestled against a random brussel sprout an escapee from last Christmas. Those numbers send shivers down the spine of the eternal optimist: ''It hasn't come up after 5000 spins.'' Yes, it will when you leave the table!

How do I get lucky?

No shamrock, four-leaved clover...rabbit foot sprinkled with moon dust. Although the latter is quite novel.

No. Just my lucky number and corner. How do I find my lucky number? I simply look to see which number has come up a couple of times in the last half hour and stick with that religiously. It's like watching paint dry. However, you need one touch of luck early and you are winning like a popcorn machine that's gone wrong. If nothing much goes right and you have a thirst like you've got lost in the desert - stop playing after losing £30. If you hit on a winner...give it a few more bets and ride your luck. 

The last time I was playing small money and over two nights won £130. I'm not one of these loons who says it's a winning system. There isn't one on fixed odds. The longer you play the more likely you are to lose. That's why you want to play for an hour or two at most. Hope for the best and pray you are lucky. 

Believe it or not, I'm actually winning money at the casino and I must have been over 20 times. 

Good luck. 

Thursday, 6 December 2018

20-Year Wait to win $2.4 Million on the Slots

Dirty Dancing Slots
Whether you go to Las Vegas or play online slots we all love to hear about those big winners. 

You may wish to go to The Strip but these days gamblers love to sit at home and play the slots for fun and who knows they may even strike it rich. I know you love the film Dirty Dancing but did you know one well-known bookmaker has a slot machine based on this popular theme called Dirty Dancing at bet365.  

Fingers crossed you get lucky. Here's an interesting question. How long do you have to wait for a slot machine to payout its big prize? Well, it varies from one slot to the next. Las Vegas. You may have heard of Lion's Share slot machine which resides on the ground floor of the MGM Grand. 

It's one of 50 machines installed in early 1990's. In fact, this one-armed bandit is so popular it has people lining up for hours to play. 

The incredible part of the story is that for 20 years this slot machine hadn't paid its top prize. 

That was until Walter and Misco of New Hampshire, USA, thought they would chance their luck one Friday evening.  

After 5 minutes and $3 Dollars, they won $2.4 MILLION

Sometimes you just need a bit of luck to win big. 

The Lion's Share slot machine had a reputation of being stubborn. I mean, how long do you have to wait for something to give? 

Twenty years to pay the jackpot. Perhaps there was a little bit of lady luck involved in this substantial win as it was his wife, Misco, who suggested they play. 

So we have seen a big winner. But what about a big-time loser. 

The woman who was offered a steak dinner instead of $43 MILLION Jackpot!

Seems too strange to be true. Katrina Bookman thought she had won big but casino bosses claimed the machine had a malfunction. Unsurprisingly, she declined the free steak meal and sued.  

The case continues. 

5 Ways to Hit the Jackpot

Need a touch of inspiration? From winning the jackpot to being offered a steak for a malfunction. I think I need a drink with both. But let's take a look at one expert's opinion on how to win on the slots.

1 Give it time. Playing on the slots online. If you see an announcement of a big win wait a while because it's unlikely you are going to win soon after. 

2 All machines work on a cycle - they have to pay at some time. They often pay out in a short period of time so if you get that elusive win there may well be more to come. 

3 Play the slot games that are most popular and getting a lot of attention of punters. 

4 Don't play a game too long. 

5 Play the high limit slot machines They cost more but they pay out more. 

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Big Deal: Poker Player Robbie Box Made TV Gold

Big Deal - Robbie Box Poker Player So few TV programs do gambling justice. Who can remember the ill-fated Trainer? What a horrendous attempt at what ever they thought it was. 

We've seen a few fly-on-the wall documentaries about problem gamblers. Depressing. True, it is real to a point. Although the term demand characteristics pop into my head when I see anyone acting strangely in front of a camera of any kind. Don't you just love the staff in the shops who tell the bloke who is bashing the FOBT to death, to go home after he has lost all of his dough. Very ''When The Fun Stops - STOP!'' 

For so many people betting is bad news. Unless you look at it as a full-time job or you are happy betting 50p a week then PLEASE don't get caught in its net. 

One program I'm sure many readers have truly fond memories is Big Deal starring the talented Ray Brooks. This British comedy-drama was broadcast on the BBC between 1984 - 1986. The series created and written by Geoff McQueen. Unknown to me, he also created other noted TV programs as the Bill. Sadly, McQueen died in 1994 at the age of 46 from a aneurysm. 

Well, Robbie Box [Ray Brooks] was a small-time gambler with a poker addiction [I think more of a way of life than addiction but I may be splitting hairs].   

It was an excellent 3 series. There are a few episodes on Youtube and the BBC did have the wisdom of selling one or two series but then ceased their involvement to the irritation of many who were willing to pay good money to have this worthy DVD collection. 

In all 30 episodes were made. 

Here is the very first episode of this great gambling series. 

Friday, 23 November 2018

9 in 10 Pubs Fail To Prevent Children Gambling

Gambling Commission (Children Gambling)
‘We urgently call the industry and their trade associations to take the results as a serious indication of the need to improve matters,’ says regulators.

Drastic news. Did you know that 90% of pubs in England allow children to gamble on their premises? 

The Gambling Commission tested 61 pubs in England and found 89% didn't stop children playing machines detailed by law as 18+.

This varied considerably with 15 - 30% per cent for buying alcohol and smoking. 

In a letter to the pub industry, the commission writes: “We urgently call the industry and their trade associations to take the results as a serious indication of the need to improve matters. “We expect that the action taken will be reflected in significant improvements in future test results.”

Helen Rhodes, programme director at the Gambling Commission, said: “We are extremely concerned that pubs across England are failing to stop children playing gaming machines designed for adults. “We urgently call on the pub sector to take action immediately to enforce the laws in place to protect children and young people.

“We expect to see significant improvement in further tests and will continue to work with licensing authorities to support any action required against those failing to adhere to the requirements.”

Simon Blackburn, chairman of the Local Government Association’s Safer and Stronger Communities Board, said: “If these findings reflect the wider pub industry’s ability to ensure responsible oversight of adult-only gaming machines, that would be extremely concerning. “It is vital our children and young people are kept safe and protected from the problems gambling can cause. “Pub managers must be as vigilant about under-age gambling as they are about under-age drinking. It is completely unacceptable to turn a blind eye to children playing gaming machines that are restricted to over-18s, which risks young people becoming addicted to gambling.”

Source: Independent 

Thursday, 15 November 2018

1966: A Year of Sporting Victories

What a year. 

Like the battle of Hastings in 1066, football fans will never forget the year when England won the World Cup 1966. 

As the quote goes: ''They think its all over...'' Kenneth Wolstenholme's commentary on BBC when England beat Germany 4 - 2. 

He said: And here comes Hurst! He's got...

Some people are on the pitch! They think it's all over!

Whatever your fancy, Sun Bets has lots of great offers.   

It is now, it's four!    

I get the feeling we will have to wait until 2066 to see another FIFA World Cup for our beloved football nation. 

Here is a quick summary of other sporting winners in this famous year.

Tennis: Wimbledon 20th June - 2nd July

Manuel Santana wins the men's final. While Billie Jean King wins the women's. 

Grand National 1966 - Aintree

Anlgo wins at odds of 50-1 for trainer Fred Winter, ridden by Tim Norman. A 20-length victory beating Freddie who was runner-up the year before. 

Gold Cup 1966 - Cheltenham 

Almost as well known as England winning the World Cup, equine star Arkle made this a historic Gold Cup winning for the third time in consecutive years. Tom Dreaper trained this amazing nine-year-old for the Dutchess Of Westminster, ridden by Pat Taaffe at odds of 1/10f. 

More Horse Racing 

Flat racing:

The English Triple Crown wasn't achieved. We had to wait until 1970 for Nijinsky to win the 2000 Guineas, Epsom Derby and St Leger. He went on to win the Irish Derby just for good measure. 

Who won these races in 1966? 

2000 Guineas - Won by Kashmir trained by Mick Bartholomew, French-trained colt who showed class as two. 

Epsom Derby - Charlottown trained by Towzer Gosden. This bay colt won seven of his ten races but retire at four when disappointing in France. 

St Leger - Readers may remember this class horse - Sodium. This son of Psidium was trained by George Todd at Manton in Wiltshire. Sodium finished fourth behind Charlottown in the Epsom Derby and went on to win the Irish Dery in the same year.  

The Boat Race 1966

A long history of the battle of supremacy for Oxford and Cambridge University. The 112 boat race took place on the 26th  March 1966. A tight competition, Oxford won by three and quarter lengths. Cambridge won the women's race. 

1966 European Athletics Championship 

A couple of English victories of note:

Jim Hogan won the Marathon 2:20:04.06

Lynn Davies won the men's Long Jump 7.98 m  

The only two medals England achieved in these championships. 

July 17th saw American runner Jim Ryun set a new world record in the mile timed 3:51.3 

FA Cup 1966

Football fans enjoyed a battle between two tough sides in this final. Everton went on to beat Sheffield Wednesday 3-2. 

Boxing in 1966

29th March - Muhammed Ali defeats George Chuvalo in 15 rounds on a unanimous decision.

21st May - A fight few UK boxing fans will forget. Henry Cooper deserved to beat Muhammed Ali ( Cassius Clay) in their first fight in 1963 with a left hook in the final seconds. The fight was delayed when Ali's gloves had to be changed after a tear (which was later detailed as a deliberate act by his corner). Cooper was outfought and stopped in the 6th round by a technical knockout in 1966. 

Muhammed Ali had a busy year going on to defeat Brian London by knockout in the third round (6th August)

10th September Ali had a tough fight with Karl Mildenberger with a 12th round TKO. 

He concluded the year retaining his WBC heavyweight title knocking out Cleveland Williams in three rounds. 

What's your favourite sporting year?

Monday, 29 October 2018

Your Guide to the Charlie Hall Chase 2018 (3rd November)

Your Guide to the Charlie Hall Chase 2018

The jump season is back! 

The National Hunt season is finally underway with this Saturdays’ Charlie Hall Chase at Wetherby typically seen as the first big race of the season. It looks sure to be highly competitive with fallen superstar Thistlecrack heading the market at this early stage. Thistlecrack is looking to regain his former glory after missing the remainder of last season following an injury in King George on Boxing Day. 

Who can forget his fantastic King George win in 2016 on what was his novice season? Whether he can remain to reach those heights again, after a succession of injuries have blighted his career, but Joe Tizzard, who rode Thistlecrack in his very first competitive race back in 2013 (and assistant to father Colin) was this week quoted as saying he “has not missed a beat” in his preparation for the race. It would no doubt be a fantastic achievement if he could rise to former glory. There is certainly no shortage of fans! However, 7/4 is too short for my liking for a horse with a lot of question marks. 

One horse who will definitely want to make it this year is Double Shuffle who was declared for this race last year but missed the race due to unexpected traffic problems. Double Shuffle nearly pulled off a shock in last years King George, going down by only 1 length to eventual Gold cup 2nd Might Bite at odds of 50/1. To me, this horse may perpetually be in the awkward bracket of “Always going to be a high weight in a handicap, therefore, having to run in high-class races, but not quite good enough to threaten the big boys. Early odds of 6/1 certainly don’t appeal to me. 

Gordon Elliot sends 3 across from Ireland with Don Poli, Alpha Des Obeaux & Gold Cup contender Outlander all making the trek sporting the colours of National Hunt heavyweights Gigginstown. Paul Nicholls also saddles two with Black Corton looking to continue it’s impressive progress with Bryony Frost although with both of his horses having an initial price of 6/1, I’d be more interested in his other runner Clan Des Obeaux who I feel has been running at a higher consistent level. 

The one I’m siding with and whom I really feel is one to watch this year is Bristol De Mai from the Nigel Twiston Davies stable. Bristol won this race last year as a prep race before his 57 length demolition in the Betfair Chase. Bristol De Mai is still only a 7-year-old, however, was a late foal and should peak over the next two seasons. I think there’s a lot more to come from the stable star. Owners Simon Munir & Isaac Souede have some racing superstars this season with others including Footpad, We Have A Dream & Terrefort all likely to sport the double green at Cheltenham next year and The Cheltenham Gold Cup is certainly not out of the question for Bristol De Mai. 

The horse runs well fresh and as always the stable has started the season with a healthy return BRISTOL DE MAI has opened at 9/2 which I feel is a fantastic EW proposition as I can’t see it finishing out of the top three provided it receives its favoured soft or heavy ground. Looking ahead the weather for the area is overcast although the course is watering each day and with more rain forecast on Saturday morning – I can see it going off a much shorter price. See the betting here.

Recommendation 5 point ew @ 9/2

Charlie Hall Chase:

Code: National Hunt
Grade: 2 
Age: 5 years + 
Distance: 3m 1f
Jumps: 18

Established: 1969 The Wetherby Pattern Chase 
History: Replaced Emblem Handicap Chase  (named after 1863 Grand National winner Emblem)
Recent History: 1978 Charlie Hall Memorial Wetherby Pattern Chase
Today: Charlie Hall Chase since 1990

Most Successful Horses:

Wayward Lad (1983, 1985)
Celtic Shot (1990, 1991)
Barton Bank (1993, 1995)
One Man (1996, 1997)
See More Business (1999, 2000)
Ollie Magern 2005, 2007)

Most Successful Trainer:

Nigel Twiston-Davies 5 wins - Tipping Tim (1992), Young Hustler (1994), Ollie Magern (2005, 2007) & Bristol De Mai (2017)

Watch last year's race here:

By Michael

Three National Hunt Horses to Follow in 2018/19 Season

Might Bite
It won’t be long until the leading national hunt horses return to the racecourse after their summer break for the 2018/19 campaign. The November meeting at Cheltenham, Tingle Creek at Sandown and King George at Kempton are some of the leading events in the early stages of the season, while all roads then lead to Cheltenham for the Festival in March. 

Here is a look at five horses to follow during the new season which could help it become a profitable national hunt campaign for you as a punter.

Might Bite

Might Bite had to settle for second place last season in the Cheltenham Gold Cup behind Native River in what was his first attempt at the Blue Riband event of the meeting. Nicky Henderson’s chaser proved across the campaign though, that he is one of the leading horses in the UK and Ireland in the 3m division as he had success in the Grade One King George VI Chase and Aintree Bowl during the Grand National meeting. Might Bite is 6/1 to win the 2019 Cheltenham Gold Cup which may prove to be a big price if he lands some of the major races before the Festival. There are doubts about the fitness of many of his rivals ahead of the new campaign and he will be into his second season in the open-age category, therefore he should be able to lean on his experience to good effect.

Le Prezian 

Le Prezian was a regular in the big handicap chases at Cheltenham last season and he got his reward for a consistent campaign as he won the Johnny Henderson Grand Annual Challenge Cup. The seven-year-old is sure to return for the Cheltenham meeting in November where he is will be one of the favourites in the betting to land the feature race on the Saturday. Le Prezian finished third in the 2m4f contest in 2017 but he is improving all the time so could be the one to beat this time around at a course he does so well at. It is difficult to say what his target will be in March as connections bid for back-to-back Festival wins, however, as we have seen with horses in the past, those who have won at the meeting have gone on to prevail there again further down the line.

Samcro Cheltenham Festival 2019

One of the star novice hurdlers in the 2017/18 national hunt season was Samcro who is trained in Ireland by Gordon Elliott. The Irish horse won his first four races of the campaign, including the Grade One Ballymore Novices’ Hurdle at Cheltenham. Unfortunately, the season ended on a disappointing note for Samcro as he fell in the Punchestown Champion Hurdle back in April. That error three hurdles from home should not put a dark cloud over what was an excellent campaign for the novice. The big test will be against the older horses this season and he does prove himself, he could earn himself a shot at the Champion Hurdle in March at the Festival.