Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Great Yarmouth Grosvenor Casino Heading To Shadingfield Lodge

In the next two weeks, I will be travelling back to West Palm Beach, Florida. A change from our cold British weather to the tropics. Fifty days of paradise. Best of all, I get to see my beautiful Marlene. 
Before I leave, I've booked a night's stay at the Nelson Hotel at Great Yarmouth. I usually go to the Andover Hotel but I'm going with my brothers. At £65 for a family room and breakfast included it is perfect for a night away. 

So why are we going to Yarmouth?

As usual, it's one of two things: horse racing or the Grosvenor casino (often both). Well, there's no racing at this time of the year [being a Flat turf course]. We're having a night at the casino. I do enjoy this listed building. Shadingfield Lodge was built in the Victorian era and even frequented by Queen Victoria's son and future king of England Edward VII. 

Enough of the history lesson. 

The casino has a touch of class and the staff always bend over backwards to keep you happy. 

Now we know any casino can be a place where you go in all dressed up and come out losing your shirt. That doesn't need to be the case if you have discipline. You can enjoy a night out and it really doesn't need to cost much at all. In fact, with a touch of luck, you can return home with money in your pocket. 

I always play roulette. Saying that I have played three card poker. I  have been lucky and won a couple of times but the casino rake is on the high side especially if you play pair plus. To be honest, you will do well not to lose playing three card poker. I've had some seriously good hands and still wasn't pleased with the money I won. It is a very difficult game to win over an evening. 

Roulette is the best of all games to play at the casino. I think the take out is low which means if you have a touch of luck you can win. I always bet on a single number and corner. I simply look to see which number has come up a few times in the last two or three hours and stick with it. There is no logic to why the number should be any better than the other but it seems the case the same numbers come up on an evening. I've had plenty of evenings where the same number has come up four or five times. It's like getting a prial on three card poker. For that to happen on an evening of playing cards is exceptionally unlikely. 

Anyway, we will be heading to Great Yarmouth in the next two weeks and see if lady luck comes walking through the room. 

Those fifty pence chips go a long way. 

Photo: Jason Coote 

Tuesday, 23 November 2021

What do Pigeons and Gambling Addicts have in Common?

It sounds a strange pairing. 

Two love birds. One playing a FOBT in the betting shop. The other looking through the window, flapping his wings with an air of impulsivity. 

Both hoping for that elusive, big win: money or corn!

Perhaps, it's where the term: ''Do you fancy a flutter'' came from? 

However, joking aside, there is nothing humourous about problem gambling. It has a hugely negative affect on the individual if not their family, friends and society as a whole.

Research from the University of Kentucky found that pigeons and problem gamblers seem to have a trait in common. They both display impulsive behaviour!

This psychological research is important as it details that impulse control could be the answer in finding an approach that helps with this addiction.

Although you may never have thought about it - pigeons love to gamble. 

They consistently pecked a target that would result in a ''big jackpot'' of corn in favour pecking a target that offered 100% wins but less corn. On average the ''big jackpot'' paid out two corn seeds while the guaranteed win paid three. (Not the wisest gamble).

Researchers questioned whether this tendency to gamble was related to impulsivitiy. 

Lead author of the research, doctorate psychology student Jennifer Laude and colleagues, found that more impulsive birds were likely to gamble for the big payout rather than wait 20 seconds. The pigeons behaviour detailed they gave more significance to winning the jackpot than losing. 

This is the same behaviour displayed by addictive or problem gamblers. This relates to an impulse control disorder. In this way pathological gamblers aren't interested in their losses as they focus on the big win. 

This research indicates that impulsivity may make people more prone to gambling. Consequently, training impulsive behaviours may help control problem gambling.   

Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Most Commonly Played Casino Games By Players

The betting industry has been flourishing in terms of financial growth and volume of expansion after the 1990s. When online casino games started, many companies in the gambling industry faced problems in pooling customers and users. The players were used to playing betting games in sports gambling events. It took a while when they got friendly with the online gaming systems. Today in the 21st century, it can be seen that casino games have become highly popular among the players; the following are the most commonly played casino games.


Roulette is a famous casino table game surrounded by the players. It is very popular with business people, mostly because they like to take risks. Whenever the dealer spins the wheel, everyone places their chips on the table, so see on whose digits the dice falls on, the person with that number becomes the winner. There are games like no deposit, no bonus, but you should get along with NJ online casino no deposit bonus only when you have all the underlying knowledge. 


Whenever you walk into a casino, few games can be found, no matter what part of the world you are in. Baccarat is the simplest casino game; it is mostly recommended for the beginners to know the aesthetics of the casino and then start playing the harsh games. All you have to do is place your hands on the table when the wheel is spun, whoever's hand is the closest to number nine wins the game. 


Blackjack is the most classic game of casino. Nowadays, modern casinos have developed several versions of the game to keep it creative and engaging. The Classic Blackjack requires skills and talent to win; it does not depend on sheer luck. If the player wants to win, they must beat the dealer at the hands of 21. However, in European Blackjack, the dealer must do a single face-up of the card while the rest of the rules remain the same. 

Pai Gow Poker 

This game is quite different from all other casino games where players have to play against the dealer. In Pai Gow Poker, you have to play against the casino. This half Chinese and half American game requires the players to be allotted seven cards each, and they have to make the best 5 and 2 poker hands. It is a combination of Chinese Pai Gow and American poker, so it has become very popular amongst the players. 

Video Poker

In video poker, the players have to place bets after putting the coins in the video poker machine. It is a game that requires proper understanding and knowledge of the rules. The players shall get five cards, which can be changed if not desirable for players. When the final cards appear on the screen of the machine, whichever player gets the winning hand has to be paid by other players playing video poker. It is an exciting game when you get the hang of it.

Sunday, 14 November 2021

Gambler Wins At Grosvenor Casino Great Yarmouth

Reminiscing with this old post.

We're back from our annual pilgrimage to Great Yarmouth. 

It's in memory of my late father, Colin and many relatives sadly passed including uncle Fred, Keith, Roy and their friends who loved a bet. 

Avid readers will probably know we go to Yarmouth for fun, gambling and good food. The gambling part takes centre stage although I don't bet big money at the races on holiday compared with working from home. I find it difficult to be as professional as in my daily routines. The caravan I shared with a group of five isn't the most ideal place to contemplate wise bets although I did settle in with the holiday distractions better than I thought. 

I went to a couple of the race meetings and found a few winners which made it worthwhile. 

I missed meeting up with Jerry Banks which is a real shame. Jerry runs the great website called Jerry's Best Bets. He found the winner in the Listed race at Yarmouth, Beautiful Morning, who pretty much sauntered home in style. 

The casino wasn't such a pleasurable experience. I do enjoy the Grosvenor Casino because it is an old listed building with real character and charm. It is a great place to go for a cheap meal. They want to get you through the door and lose your money. I have done well at the casino over the last few years and, believe it or not, won money. This time the roulette wheel was spinning without luck and over three nights took a wedge out of my wallet. Not good. It can be depressing betting, watching that bloody ball stop in a number you haven't picked. 

It seems so easy after it has stopped! 

I'm still winning long term but not a great deal. The casino tempts punters from the races by giving a free drink and free bet to all who take their race badge. Basically, it is like them giving you £10 for free. Considering most people lose it is probably the best £10 they have ever spend on marketing. 

It is interesting watching others gamble. 

You get a real mix of people. Some betting 50p chips, £1 chips...while a few are either there to impress or just don't know when to stop. 

I guess everyone has their limit. 

I've been to the Grosvenor a lot and you see a few familiar faces. I'm pretty sure the majority of their customers are regular bettors. I say that because even mid-week they look a familiar crowd. 

A couple of them pretty big gamblers.

Each to their own. I have chatted to one or two in passing but not to appreciate their background or where they made their money. However, they are clearly not short of cash by the manner they bet. 

One of the regulars is Graham. He dresses in a comfortable fashion which belies how much he bets. He isn't there to impress in the fashion stakes but boy does he get the money out as that roulette wheel spins for its life scorching the veneer while fate decides your fortune. 

Graham didn't have the normal pink chips worth £100. In fact, at first, I couldn't see where he was getting his chips from. The croupier kept pushing £500 of £5 chips in his direction and then five £100 chips. So he was cashing up £1000 a time. I noticed he had a number of light-blue chips worth a grand a piece. 

To be fair, he was having about as much luck as me for the most part. He wistfully placed £500 in £5 chips across the table and lost the lot in about six consecutive spins. He carried on betting regardless if not with extra verve as he started putting the five £100 chips on too hoping lady luck would come smiling after a number of dastardly verdicts. 

Thankfully, Graham hit a single number with one of his £100 chips winning £3500. I heard him mention he was down £6000 before that win. I had seen him on the other table a bit earlier. 

Where do these people get all their money from? I will have to get chatting to him some time although he isn't really my kind of person or at least that is how I feel.  

The fine dining part comes from visiting Pamela's restaurant just around the corner from the casino. A jewel in the crown of Yarmouth. Well worth a visit with exceptional service and gourmet delights. I had one of those cocktails made with dry ice which looks rather spectacular if not difficult to drink as I kept breathing in those fumes. A great few days down Yarmouth. 

Thinking of those loving people past & present. 

Photo: Jason Coote 

Monday, 8 November 2021

Are Betting Exchanges Being Used to Launder Money?

In truth, I could be talking about any betting exchange. I did name the exchange but changed it to the generic because the issue is for one and all. 

I have no proof that dirty money is being laundered by betting/laying on the exchanges, but you can see the logic behind it. 

So why do I even ask such a question?

Take a look at the graph (removed), you see a couple of large(ish) bets placed late in the evening of a given day. I'm not going to name the horse or trainer as it has nothing to do with this subject matter. Two bets were placed on ****** wanting about 15.0 (14/1). I think they were £325 & £347 (around that money). Anyway, this couple of bets popped up and within seconds were taken. 

You may say: ''There's nothing wrong with that?''

True, it could be a fine example of an astute wager. The horse was backed down and returned about 9/2 with bookmakers, so it was a wise bet whatever the background. I was interested in this horse because I was sure it would be backed. I tried to get a small bet at the same odds seconds after. 

Not a sniff.

It may be very innocent. However, thinking about it, I couldn't help but imagine how the exchanges could be used to launder dirty money. 

Is this unfair? 

Well, we have heard that many activities in casinos have been associated with money laundering. Also, Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (F.O.B.T) Have been tarred with the same brush. It is easy to see why they are used because they prove someone got ''lucky'' and they have evidence to justify the cash in their purse. 

Betting exchanges are ideal for money laundering because all you need is two accounts. One to place bets and one to take them (or visa versa). All the person pays is $% commission to make that money bona fide.

Perhaps I'm just a naive spectator to the world of criminals, drug dealers and protection. 

Whatever the subject is one I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

Photo: Pixabay free fro commercial use and no attribution but given 

Sunday, 31 October 2021

How Can I Make Money Gambling?

Know Your Sport

It sounds obvious but it's true. To find an edge betting you need to know your niche. It isn't about being the best gambler on earth. The key is to be better than most. It is very much the same in every field of expertise. As the saying goes: Jack of all trades and master of none. I specialise within two-year-old horse racing because there simply isn't enough time to master all other age groups. Working from your own perspective reveals many opportunities to take advantage of layers. Also, let's consider your advantage over a bookmaker - you don't have to bet on every race. That selective nature is worth its weight in gold. In addition, you don't need to bet every day. Some people don't like to let the grass grow under their feet or wallet but if you could find 20 great bets every year and make a profit plus, hopefully, lots of free time to enjoy it isn't a bad life. Time is the most precious commodity of all. Use it wisely.  

Your expertise must be skill based.   

Favourites Don't Always Win

Look through the racing results. What do you see? That the favourites don't win every race. That point in itself should bring joy to your heart and add a few zeros to your bank account. It is one reason why I would always suggest gamblers bet level stakes because it is often the case when backing an outsider people reduce their stake. These bets are often the making of a great season.    

Shop Around

The discipline of betting, its foundation knowledge, practices and philosophy are as crucial, if not more important, than the selection itself. It sounds crazy but the better you hone your skills the more you realise this point is true. Bookmakers prices vary - take the best odds, offers, opportunities. If you bet big priced selections you are wise to bet on the exchanges. When a horse is chalked up at 25/1 it is likely to be 50/1 on the machines. Double the price is the same as having your mate double your bet just for fun. Over a year, this difference can equate to a substantial amount of money. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to hedge your bet if seriously backed. Why would you keep a bet if you took 5/1 and just before the off it is 6/4?   

Be Selective

Your strength as a gambler, investor (name it what you like) is being selective. You don't need to push too hard because you will pressure yourself either with the workload or just crack under stress. Don't look for bets. The best stand out from the crowd. 

Avoid Odds On Bets

If your speciality is betting odds-on shots then you know your stuff. I wouldn't ever say this or that bet type is wrong. Why? Because just because I don't know something it doesn't mean someone else doesn't. However, if you are tempted to bet on an odds-on shot just because it is a short price, then I would suggest you count to ten. In many respects being successful betting at prohibitive odds is as difficult as betting on huge priced outsiders. All is rosy in the garden until you hit a string of losers. It may get to the point where you cannot claw those losses back and get back into the black. 

There Are Lots Of Markets

So you love football. Horse racing. Tennis. You only have to look at sports betting to realise there are umpteen markets you can dip your toe or become an expert. The only negative for an obscure sport is that you may not have much liquidity or bookmakers may shy away from your wagers if you prove you know more than them. I have seen a few people betting on weather, of all things, and I'm not just talking about a white Christmas. Within a given sport there are numerous division or categories. Let's say you know an individual football player better than just about anyone on earth. How can you use that information to win? I have spent a lot of time unearthing the best unraced two-year-old colts and fillies in training. Think what that information can mean when betting. I'm not saying I'm the only person who knows that information but I know a million times more than the average punter who may well be laying a horse on the exchange. My brother won £4,000 for a £20 bet when realising a small horse trainer had a wonder horse. The layers just couldn't get their heads around the fact a small trainer could have a horse that could even win let alone be such a talent it went on to run in the 1000 Guineas. 

Understand Your Markets

With experience, you will be in tune with your niche and the betting. Experience helps answer so many questions. Take your time to appreciate that to be a successful gambler (investor) it is a long road. You don't wake up one morning to find you are a professional gambler. Relish the challenge but be patient. 

Don't Bet With Your Heart

You often hear die-hard football supporters following their team and their heart by lumping on when everyone is looking on bemused. If you have to bet with your heart, bet for fun. Unless you are very disciplined don't bet for fun. Why? Because it is a slippery slope which may lead to betting without discipline. It's not a good idea. Betting with emotions is illogical. Emotions are dangerous at the best of times and mixed with gambling and too much money a distressing road to take. How many people have you seen chasing losses? How many times have you seen them win? Betting is about knowing more not shouting the loudest because you have an anger inside.   

Saturday, 30 October 2021

Dumb Pro Gambler | Can This Be True?

Sometimes you just need to stop for a moment and smoke a cigar...

The other day I was contacted by someone via email with: ''You really need to hear about this''. I thought, right!. 

Someone named James [H******] sent me an email with the subject line: Professional Gambler's Info...

Considering I run a website called Professional Gamblers I just imagined it related to that, wanting information etc. However, the email continued to explain how someone very well known within the racing media had contacted them with a get rich scheme about betting and winning big. I looked at this detailed summary which identified a way of manipulating the exchanges with a simple method. I thought this must be a load of rubbish. 

It's interesting that on first review it was actually well worked. Like most of these approaches, it looks very simple when you see the formula. I was asked to look at this info for this bloke who was skeptical. Anyway, I'm restricted by what I can say because it's his info. I will, though, find a way of detailing a variant of this stuff for readers if it actually amounts to something worthy of your time. 

All of this ''keep it to yourself'' info made me remember a time I knew a trader on the exchanges.

Someone who actually made very good money from their knowledge. I will not say any names because it wouldn't be fair. They used to work in an executive position and gave that up to work from home, more time with the family and making more money. I know for a fact, they made very good money. The interesting part, is that they were, perhaps, a touch greedy and wanted to get a bit of extra cash and considered they could afford to let a few people into their idea. They did seem pretty stern in noting that if they ever saw someone trying to sell this idea that they would sue them. I'm a man of my word, so I had/have no intention of undermining them or being untrustworthy. I paid a three-figure sum.  In fact, it was £250 for the equivalent of reading about 50 words.The cost put off a lot of people. Although there were only about 10 places being sold so it was on a first come first served basis. 

I received the info. It was pretty basic but logical. I could see how it could be used and appreciate that it worked. I use Betfair, but not the ladder trading. Take a look at this link if you want to read more about this style of betting on the exchanges. It was so alien to the way I work that I didn't even attempt to use it. This style of trading needs an ultra quick mind and reflexes as fast as an excellent gamer. 

It's like shooting space invaders but making money. 

It was just something that I could never get to grips with. It made my style of working look old and outdated. I didn't care if my way was old hat because it makes me money as it still does to this day. 

I lost track with the bloke who I bought the info from so I don't know what he's up to these days or whether he went broke or sitting on a yacht in the Bahamas. The info he sold me still awaits the day I decide to do something with it. 

Even though it sounds expensive, it was worth every penny because I know something that most people will never know... 

I wonder what email I will get tomorrow?