Thursday 27 February 2020

Professional Gambler Online Course

I have paid a good bit of money buying an online blogger course. 

To be honest, I know 99% of the curriculum so it may have not been needed. However, there is plenty of information about making an online course that is valuable and helps me along the path to creating a product gamblers will love and help make their betting pay. 

The important part of creating an online course is giving people what they want rather than me simply detailing something I think you want. 

To be fair, with over 30-years of experience within racing and betting serious amounts of money along the way, I am pretty confident I could make a course detailing what I know, how I work and all those gems of wisdom which make a vital difference to your profit and loss. 

So what would you want from a professional gambler online course? 

I know what you are itching to say: ''Winners!''

That is true and I will be detailing all the information that helps you find them. 

However, I want to help answer all those questions you want to ask or ever thought of asking. What do you find particularly difficult? Is it finding your niche? Your approach and methodology? Staking? 

I need to know your pain point(s) about every aspect so I can think about it and then say: ''I know the answer to that.'' 

If you would love to have an online course that helps you find the answer to all those questions and increase your chance of making money then I would appreciate your feedback. 

Simply email with your thoughts and I will add your name to my selective list of people so you get all the latest info first and an opportunity of getting the course at a discounted price. 

To recap: ''What is the most puzzling/annoying aspect of making money gambling? 

I need your answers.

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