Monday 27 January 2020

Quick Tips for Playing the Online Slots

By far the most popular kind of game available at online casinos, video slots have become nothing short of an international phenomenon over recent years. Even the simplest of online gambling sites can often have hundreds of slots available to play, which means that before you sign up to a particular casino and make your deposit, it’s always worth pausing to do a little homework first.

Research, Research, Research

It goes without saying that doing some research before playing slots is always worth the time. For one thing, no two online casinos are alike and although they all want your money, some are decidedly better than others when it comes to what they offer you in return. 

First and foremost, look online for some reputable online casino comparison and review sites, while also focusing on your country of origin and preferred currency. For example, Canadian comparison site BonusFinder recently produced an extensive review for Ruby Fortune, highlighting everything you need to know about this Canada-friendly casino.

Along with explaining in detail what a bonus deal or welcome package offers in real terms, quality review sites will also highlight which software providers they use and the kind of games available. This is also important because just like online casinos, no two slots developers are the same. All have different qualities, whether it’s offering bigger jackpots or simply being more entertaining to play.

Try Demos & Get User Feedback

Beyond learning more about the online casinos, try to find out more about the slots themselves. All the leading casino games developers have their own websites, social networks and YouTube channels. For example, a full list of all Microgaming slots is available at their website, which also allows visitors to play demonstration versions of these games.

Another step is to do a quick Google search for your favourite slots, looking out in particular for user reviews and feedback. These can sometimes be very insightful towards getting general opinions about the latest branded slots, whether they’re fun to play and just as importantly, how generous they tend to be with prizes and free spins. 

Get to Know Some Key Terms 

Regular slots players will already be familiar with terms such as return to player (RTP) and volatility, so if you’re new to playing slots, you should too. In essence, RTP is a measure of how much a slot machine pays back over time. If there’s a 5% house edge, the RTP will be 95% and this figure is usually available to see at most casino sites. 

Meanwhile, volatility is a commonly used measure of risk. Low-volatility refers to slots that payout lower prizes with more frequency, while high-volatility typically involves a greater risk of low-value or zero spins, with random big wins as the reward. A good example of the latter would be the popular Mega Moolah, with the BBC reporting that a British soldier won the record £13.2m jackpot back in 2015.

Enjoy Safe and Secure Gaming 

Finally, always ensure that any casino site and slots are fully legit. This means keeping your eyes open for some important little logos around the sites where you’re playing. One of the most common internationally is the Malta Gaming Authority, which regulates and licenses thousands of online casinos around the world, while also setting rigorous standards of safety and integrity aimed at protecting players. 

Before pumping in your hard-earned cash, don’t forget to follow these simple steps. For those of us who regularly bet on sports and do so seriously, “research, research, research” is almost a mantra when studying form and statistics, looking for an edge. While playing slots is an entirely different kind of wagering, with much more left to chance than certainty, at least by doing a little homework first, you can ensure you’re playing at the right places.

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