Tuesday 30 November 2021

Great Yarmouth Grosvenor Casino Heading To Shadingfield Lodge

In the next two weeks, I will be travelling back to West Palm Beach, Florida. A change from our cold British weather to the tropics. Fifty days of paradise. Best of all, I get to see my beautiful Marlene. 
Before I leave, I've booked a night's stay at the Nelson Hotel at Great Yarmouth. I usually go to the Andover Hotel but I'm going with my brothers. At £65 for a family room and breakfast included it is perfect for a night away. 

So why are we going to Yarmouth?

As usual, it's one of two things: horse racing or the Grosvenor casino (often both). Well, there's no racing at this time of the year [being a Flat turf course]. We're having a night at the casino. I do enjoy this listed building. Shadingfield Lodge was built in the Victorian era and even frequented by Queen Victoria's son and future king of England Edward VII. 

Enough of the history lesson. 

The casino has a touch of class and the staff always bend over backwards to keep you happy. 

Now we know any casino can be a place where you go in all dressed up and come out losing your shirt. That doesn't need to be the case if you have discipline. You can enjoy a night out and it really doesn't need to cost much at all. In fact, with a touch of luck, you can return home with money in your pocket. 

I always play roulette. Saying that I have played three card poker. I  have been lucky and won a couple of times but the casino rake is on the high side especially if you play pair plus. To be honest, you will do well not to lose playing three card poker. I've had some seriously good hands and still wasn't pleased with the money I won. It is a very difficult game to win over an evening. 

Roulette is the best of all games to play at the casino. I think the take out is low which means if you have a touch of luck you can win. I always bet on a single number and corner. I simply look to see which number has come up a few times in the last two or three hours and stick with it. There is no logic to why the number should be any better than the other but it seems the case the same numbers come up on an evening. I've had plenty of evenings where the same number has come up four or five times. It's like getting a prial on three card poker. For that to happen on an evening of playing cards is exceptionally unlikely. 

Anyway, we will be heading to Great Yarmouth in the next two weeks and see if lady luck comes walking through the room. 

Those fifty pence chips go a long way. 

Photo: Jason Coote 

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