Monday 20 December 2021

Bet365 Close £1m Winning Account

Bookmakers: Love or hate them? I guess your attitude towards them is dependent on your gambling success. Although, if you win too much they are likely to close your account so you may be frustrated by knowing you can win but can't get your bet on. 

As in the classic film Carry On at Your Convenience (1971). The scene where Joey the budgie astounds Sid Plummer (Sidney James) with a string of winning tips. After years of losing, the hapless Mr Plummer simply couldn't lose. All was good until after taking his local bookmaker to the cleaners once too often his account was: CLOSED!!!!

Listen to Joey the budgie pick winning tips.

A riveting conversation ensued where bettor and layer reasoned the trials and tribulations of gambling, winning and losing.  

Sid Plummer: ''What kind of sportsman doesn't take a bet?'' 

The bookmaker replies:  

''If I was a sportsman, I'd be riding the horse!''

Well, you may think betting with your bookmaker is as simple as winning or losing. So, if you win, you just go and collect your money. If they close your account you can merrily stick up two fingers (or one for the budgie to perch) and say F*** You. 

It sounds good in theory. However, an Irish student from Belfast found out to her displeasure that if you win it might not be quite as simple as you thought. 

You may find that not only is your account suspended but closed

In fact, you may find that not only have your winning vanished but your stake has mysteriously vanished into the bookmaker's satchel and the only way you are going to get your stake or winnings back is by taking them to court. 

That's what happened in a recent bet placed with Bet365. The Telegraph has an exclusive story which details why you don't want to be betting for a third party or give the impression you have. 

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