Sunday 13 February 2022

Betting Strategy: Why You Should Bet Big

Gambling. What comes to mind when you think of a gamble? Fun, the buzz, investment? I guess for most people it is a bit of fun - something to do to make that football match more interesting! 

I would suggest to all that you should never bet for fun. Why? Because it can be a slippery slope to a bad habit. How is it that some people are more prone to becoming addicted than others?  If psychology had the answer it would be a benefit to many who simply cannot walk past bookmakers without ''popping in for a little bet''.  

If you bet for fun - you need discipline. How many people bet with discipline? I have known a lot of very intelligent people. What I have observed about their betting is pure chaos without logic. It is literally like they have had a lobotomy. Remember the film One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest?  

Some people look at a race card, anticipate a bet, and a numbness comes across their senses, provoking a thought which lacks any understanding. It leads to loss, frustration and desperation (for some).

Bet with matchsticks if you notice your wallet is getting thinner with every bet. 

I guess you are thinking why is he mentioning all this stuff about not betting when the title is suggesting you bet more. 

If you put the time into learning how to gamble (bet, invest, wager) successfully then you should consider increasing your stake significantly. 


The time it takes to follow your niche to the highest level takes time. You simply cannot afford to be betting small stakes. Even if you are making decent money because you have big-priced winners it still doesn't make sense. 

Also, it helps focus the mind. A professional attitude leads to a professional approach. 

It can be so easy to bet smaller stakes to a point that it feels difficult to adjust even when your betting bank details you can afford to go to the next level. 

Once you start betting bigger stakes you will notice a big difference in how you look at your betting. Instead of creating problems it actually helps free the mind. Becuase you take those best bets seriously and they are the focus of your day. You are not searching for bets or distracted by white noise. 

Think about bet £5 a time...does it matter whether you lose a small amount of money? However, over the weeks, months and years that continual five pounds equal a significant sum. Seven bets a week at five pound a time is thirty-five quid. Over a year we are talking almost a couple hundred shy of two grand. 

That is a significant sum. 

No one is saying you don't have winners. Some people may even be in profit over the season. But what will those £5 bets at 7/4f win you? What, the potential to win £20, £50 or £100 if you are lucky. 

Think if you had ten bets of £200 or twenty of £100. How would this impact your betting? I can guarantee you would think differently. That is the point at question. That difference between big and small bet detail a problem. Because, surely, there should be no difference. Without even betting, if you have a paper trail betting with your fictional £2000 at £100 a time. You will notice a difference. However, betting real money at big stakes will transform your understand, practice and success. It will also answer any questions you have about whether gambling is for you. Should you even carry on? 

I would rather lose £2000 with a chance of winning decent money and stop betting than carry on regardless thinking these small bets don't ''really'' matter. ''It's a bit of fun, hey?'' You know, that £2000 pales into insignificance over a lifetime. 

Gambling is a serious subject which needs similar thought and consideration. 

Don't bet for fun. 

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