Saturday 5 May 2018

Do you Bet with Confidence?

One thing I have noticed about many gamblers is that very few people bet with confidence. 


The main reason is that a huge number of punters never actually learn how to improve their betting performance. It seems a strange approach considering the amount of money can be lost in a year. Just betting £3 per day amounts to £1000+ a year. Over a lifetime it's a considerable amount of money. No one is saying that punters don't have a win or two along the way so it isn't all bad news. 

But do you finish the year in profit?

It is too easy to think that all punters lose. The fact of the matter is that a good number win. But how do they win? Is it a subject of mystery? How can you find that winning angle?

The only way - in my opinion - is to find your niche. Who has time to know everything? No one. Very few sportsmen or women are trying to win gold medals in different disciplines. It's the same with gambling. You need to know your niche better than the average gambler. That advantage will mean you identify things other do not see. You will be in tune with your niche so you intuitively reinforce winning angles. 

I specilaise within the niche of two-year-old horse racing. I can tell you, it takes me all my time to even come close to keeping up with the volume of work. It is like being stuck on a conveyor belt. Keep up or fall behind. Fall too far behind and you may as well give up because you will never know enough. Those patches of lacking within your knowledge will come back to haunt you in losses. Losses will lead to a lack in confidence. A lack in confidence will eventually make winning at gambling impossible. 

So where does confidence start and end. 

You will only bet with confidence when you have exceptional understanding or your subject matter. 

Unless you can put the time into being your best you are likely to fail at betting. 

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