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Wednesday 25 April 2018

What's Your Favourite Racecourse to Bet?

It's a topic which I am sure you have an opinion. Let's face it, we have enough racecourses to love, hate or feel indifferent. However, stop for a moment about the cosmetic relevance of that question. Why? Well, we are talking betting. 

It's a funny one, but why is it that you seemingly have certain racecourses you just love to bet. You probably have a name pop up in your mind like neon, quickly followed by a horse you won a lot of money. Oh yes! I remember that day. Where were you when JFK was shot? Sorry, I can tell you the date my horse cruise clear of the field, the jockeys whip turned into a magic wand and I'm sure as the horse crossed the line first, a rabbit appeared from the top of someone's hat in the crowd. 

I follow two-year-old racing to a level I should be sitting in that black chair (no, not an electric chair, Master Mind). Your specialist subject: two-year-old racing 2018 and beyond. 

To be honest, I like a lot of courses for betting purposes. I like Chester, which to many is a course they love to hate. I don't know what it is, but I feel confident about finding winners at this oval course. I've even picked winners from a wide draw. (Not many). I am pretty pleased with the all-weather courses, too. I love a short runner drawn low over 5f at Kempton. They take some catching. 

One course I am not keen on is Musselburgh. The five furlong sprints for the juveniles. It just seems one of those courses which I almost tear up my betting ticket if the horse leads. Even if I know they are a natural front runner I waiting for the beast to tire rather than unfold Pegasus wings. I would much rather see a horse running off the pace which makes no sense talking about a random horse in time. I mean, it might be the fastest thing on four hooves. But it is a course I am a little bit frightened when it comes to placing a bet.

But tell me this, which racecourse do you love and hate when it comes to betting? I would love to hear your reasoning why, too, if you can put it into words. 

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