Wednesday 4 April 2012

High Probability Eachway Selection Wednesday 04/04/2012

Level Stakes Running Total P/L: + 6.59 Points
April: + 1.70 Points
March: - 0.95 Points
February: - 2.50 Points
January: + 3.52 Points
2011 P/L: + 4.83 Points

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Wishing you good luck
Stay Patient

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  1. nice little forum you have there Mark.

    i look forward to your selections each day so its nice to have the forums available as im sure there be plenty more profit to be made.

    keep up the good work mate


  2. Thanks for the comment Derek

    The forum and indeed the site is all very new at the moment mate(that new that it's still under construction LOL) but I'm sure that people will profit from all the profitable selections and other great content on there!
    Well I suppose I would say that wouldn't I ;-)

    Seriously though I hope you enjoy watching the forum and site grow mate.

    Thanks again


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