Wednesday 29 June 2022

Fascinating Facts About Horses

Horses are as old as the human race, some scientists even believe that the first horses were domesticated 6000 years ago. Quite interesting right? We have more fascinating facts about horses that you might be interested including betting on them at acepokies online pokies casino. Let's get straight into it.

Horses don’t have teeth in the middle.

The first fascinating fact about horses is that they don’t have teeth immediately behind the front incisors. You can determine the age of a horse by just looking at its teeth.

Horses can sleep whilst standing.

Furthermore, they have what is called stay –apparatus which is a system of ligaments and tendons that allows the horse to lock their legs in position so they can relax without falling over. This system allows them to sleep while standing. Sleeping while lying down can be dangerous so napping while standing protects the horse from predators.

Horses breathe with their noses.

Unlike dogs who breathe through their mouth, horses breathe through the nose.

Horses are smart animals.

More so, horses are one of the smartest animals in the world. This is evidenced by their ability to be taught different tasks and perform them effortlessly. One study shows that horses can communicate with their guardians. They do that by repeating what they would have been taught by their guardian.

Horses have 205 bones in their skeleton.

They have around 205 bones in their skeleton, but some Arabian horses have fewer ribs and lumbar vertebrae.

Horses have big Eyes.

Unlike other land mammals, horses have very big eyes. They also have a third eyelid which lies on the inside of the eye and it closes for added protection.Did you know at new casinos online USA, you can bet on horses.

Horses cannot vomit.

Adding on horses cannot vomit due to them having strong muscles around their oesophagus. This band is strong such that a horse ‘s stomach would burst before it can vomit.

Horses drink a lot of water.

Horses drink 5-10 gallons per day depending on the weather. Some horses drink 3-4 gallons in hot environments. Mares nursing foals drink 15 gallons of water per day.


In conclusion, horses are indeed fascinating creatures and we hope you enjoyed the facts listed above.

Photo: Pixabay (free)

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