Wednesday 7 March 2018

Getting Familiar With Latest Exotic Bets Horse Racing Trends For Big Events

Many people today spend their time watching horse racing and so they look around for best place for wager horse race. With advent of internet you have an opportunity to grab a free Grand National Bet here online. Horse racing is all about betting on fastest horse and so you have to try and select the right one.

In present time, horse racing is an event in which any one is free to participate. Gamblers are considered as important elements of organized horse racing events. In most cases new betters till date rely on unimaginative betting options that in most cases only help in flow of money through the betting windows.

Presently race tracks offers gambles with numerous types of bets and wager options for both professional and casual players. Some of them even manage to earn life changing scores by placing decent bets. It’s all about getting familiar with the improving trends of placing bets in the game play.

Betting types and categories

In general when you want to place bets for events like Cheltenham 2018 horse racing, you will have to perform some extra level of research. The bets in Cheltenham 2018 events can be categorized in two ways – exotic and straight bets. Pro players are already aware of the two types and so they manage to make their best win. For new players it is important to get familiar before placing.

Straight bets – These types include win, place and show bets.

Exotic bets – These types are general categorized as multi race and intra race type of bets.
Here let’s first get familiar with exotic bets – Intra race and Multi race type. When placing intra race bets gamblers will be allowed to place their bets for each single race – Trifectas, exactas, superfectas and quinellas. When placing Multi-race bets gamblers are allowed to make selection of horses from consecutive race winners. The bets can be placed using single betting ticket itself.

Exotic betting trends

The intra race betting options include four categories betting types. The benefit you get here is that you are allowed to make selection of multiple horses during the same race event. So you can be a winner for finishing at any position from first to forth place.

Placing these types of bets means you may have to plan your schedule in advance. It is everything about observation of past few races and horses performance. Apart from this you have much better opportunities to make your best win and big win. These types of betting trends were recently introduced around 30 years back and are widely used by professional bettors today.

There are still new bettors who find placing Intra race bets a bit difficult as the selection may not be simple.

The moment you have to place Quinella bets you will be allowed to place the bets for first or second winners place. The order of bets pacing is not fixed for any racing event as users have their benefit of selecting their preferred order.

When select exacta betting type you will be offered with exact order to select for either first or second place winner. You can also make use of multiple bets for playing exacta bets.
Triactor or Trifecta betting is a type in which you are allowed to place bets for first three orders or winners place. The betting type follows a fixed order for the gambler to win. To increase your chance of wining big money you have to try and place bets on multiple races at the time.

As the name suggests, superfecta betting allows players to bet for winners of first four positions in a fixed order. To effectively make your best win it is important for you to get familiar with right betting strategy. This may also vary from one race track or horse to another. You need to have keen observation of the past races to win big money.

When playing multi race betting type you has an option to make selection for wagering bets on any number that are winners from 2nd to 6th place. The bets can be placed on individual race at a time. Apart from this you also have option to place bets including daily double or any particular selection. This type of bets also offers with numerous but significant benefits. You will get a benefit of placing bets in selected pool.

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