Tuesday 5 December 2017

Horse Trainers & Professional Gamblers?

Who knows the most about horse racing?



Form student.

Pro gambler?

It's an interesting question.

Well, it should be if you have an interest in trying to win money gambling. The gold miner follows the seam hoping it will lead to rich pickings. 

A pot of gold. 

You could search for the end of the rainbow!

Gambling, successfully, is all about following the money. Surely. But what comes before the money? Knowledge. 

When you think about it, horse trainers must be in the best position to benefit from what they see on the gallops. If not, it is a very good starting point. You hear of horses being morning glories, brilliant on the gallops, but just never show that abundance at the race track. 

As far as knowledge goes, trainers are the source of information. A rich seam of gold, perhaps. It's like insider trading. In theory, if a horse trainer cannot make money with their wisdom it shouldn't give the rest of us much hope. 

However, is it that easy? Probably not for the simple reason that you never quite know who is in opposition. But trainers must have a huge edge. They may have to wait years for the ideal opportunity but they come with time.

I remember Julia Feilden, who trains at Newmarket. I have met her on a few occasions and she is a lovely lady. She runs Newmarket Equine Tours Racing Club. Exceptional value and a great way to taste the luxury of being a racehorse owner at an affordable price. She is a talented trainer. But, like so many, she is only as good as the horses she has in her care. I don't know if they are a gambling stable. I guess all have their day. 

On average, her horses are handicappers. However, she had one horse who really was class: Spirit Of Sharjah

This bay son of Invincible Spirit must have looked like a wonder horse when galloping at Exning. He must have been the nearest thing to poetry in motion. It may have been back in 2007, but that two-year-old season must have been one of the most amazing moments of her life. Finally, a horse that shines as brightly as they come. 

Back to a trainer and the opportunity to bet and win good money. 

Spirit Of Sharjah was a horse made for a gamble. 


Because she doesn't train many top-class horses. 
Doesn't have a great strike rate on debut.
Not known for talented two-year-olds.

Never limit a person. Becuase they will show you how wrong you are. And every trainer, who trains long enough, has their day. 

Spirit Of Sharjah made his debut at Newmarket. 

What price do you think he started? 

50/1, 25/1, 16/1...

Opened 16/1 backed to 10s. Who did they book to ride? Mick Kinane! I suspect I haven't looked, that it was the only time he has ever ridden for the stable. I don't know if the stable bet, but I would be amazed if this wasn't one of those rare purple days.

Spirit Of Sharjah won a Conditions Stakes race by two-and-a-half lengths. Beating future top sire Dark Angel in the process. 

That must have been such a wonderful day. A day owners, trainers and punters wait a lifetime to enjoy. To hit the headlines. 

I bet Julia's purse was bulging ten minutes after that debut on April 18th, 2017. 

Good luck to her. 

Spirit Of Sharjah. A star horse. 

He won his first two races, taking a Listed race at Goodwood in ready fashion. 

In many respect, his third race was the pinnacle of his career. He finished third at Royal Ascot's Norfolk Stakes Group 2. Losing by just over two lengths behind Winker Watson and Art Advisor. In truth, he could have gone very close to winning, finishing well. 

As Sir Francis Bacon said: ''Knowledge is power''.

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