Saturday 29 December 2018

Punters Shocked as Jockey Punches Racehorse?

It seems a strange situation. 

When does a jockey lose the plot and punch a horse in frustration? It doesn't make good viewing and sadly it happens more than you may think.  

We know the rules of racing permit a jockey to use the whip a given number of times to encourage or even reprimand a wayward horse. 

However, what happens when a jockey attacks a horse?

Take a look at this recent news story from South Africa. 

Jockey Explains Shocking Horse Punch

Apprentice jockey Dylan Caboche was suspended for two weeks when he was caught on camera punching his mount She's Reneldasgirl before the second race at Port Lincoln on Wednesday.  

The 22-year-old describes his action as ''brain fade''. He said: ''I'm disappointed and gutted in myself. Striking a horse is obviously not the right way to go about things. It shouldn't have happened.'' 

He was suspended for misconduct.

Furious punters and the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses said: ''You don't get to punch a horse and get away with it. If a jockey cannot control his temper they don't deserve to be on the racetrack. The penalty is grossly inadequate.'' 

Sadly, jockeys seemingly attack horses more often than you may think. Take a look at these videos and make your own opinion. 

This crazy racegoer tries to punch a horse mid-race

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