Friday 8 September 2017

The Best Horse Trainers in UK

I guess, for many, it will be a high-profile trainer. Sir Michael Stoute, Willie Mullins, John Gosden et al. 

It's interesting to consider every trainer big, small or one man and his horse have their day. I always cheer for the underdog. 

We have all listened to trainers e is often very different before and after. Certain trainers are known for being over optimistic. Glass three-quarters full type of mind. Others run from interviewers in case they bring bad luck. superstitious. 

Dangle that luckless rabbit's foot before they dare muse about what may be. 

Clive Brittain [retired] was one trainer who was always optimistic. In truth, it wasn't a bad thing at all because the power of the word is strong. I believe. I don't believe. Which would you prefer? We can do this! 

The number of times he would race a horse at the highest level and it would work for him. A horse priced 100/1. Placed. Remember Terimon runner-up to Nashwan in the 1989 Epsom Derby. Oh, what were the odds? 

Get in!

How many pundits, trainers, owners would have said: ''You're wasting your time and money.''

As many of you will know, I follow two-year-old horse racing. I run a private website called Group Horse Daily which details the best horses in training. It is remarkably accurate. You name a talented juvenile winner and the chances are we detailed it before debut. It isn't my word, it comes from the trainers themselves. 

The power of the word.

Take a look at to learn more and join our free mailing list to get a limited number of very talented horses that the trainer would rather you didn't know. 

How do you measure a trainer's judgment? 

It is surprising how accurate most trainers are at knowing their horses. It is their job and livelihood. 

What do you do for a living? How good are you at your job? How would you compare to someone who was learning their trade, business or someone who just enjoyed a hobby? I suspect you would be in a different league. 

If you want to know the best unraced and lightly race two-year-old horses in training, then you need to know the font of all knowledge - the trainer's voice.  


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