Monday 21 August 2017

What Happens if McGregor Beats Mayweather?

It's the 'fight' that many considered would never happen. 

You know the best way to consider if anything will ever happen? The amount of money being offered to lure, tempt, swindle out of those people they call the general public. 

It's the fight that everyone wants to see. It's a shame it has the feel of a pantomime. I keep thinking Christopher Biggins is about to turn up as one of the ugly sisters but wearing boxing gloves. 

It's all about money, hey? $90 million in tickets sales. $500 million in pay-per-view. No wonder Biggins has been in training! 

Millions of words being written. 

I guess the good, bad and the beautiful (ugly) will be watching this on 26th August. 

Surely, McGregor can't win? Isn't this just a fanciful way for Mayweather to pay the RSA? Or could the boxing world be turned upside down with a shock win? 

Boxing Match Stats:

McGregor 0/0 

Mayweather 49/0 

Mayweather is so 'brilliant' he has his own acronym: TBE (should be TSB) for The Best Ever. 

We know he is a modest chap.

McGregor is UFC lightweight champion. This is a good day's work for the Irishman even if he got beat to a pulp. 

But just imagine if he won. The rematch worth even more than $$$$$ Squillions. Endorsements. Sponsorship. I'm predicting if he wins this, he will be the richest man in the world within the next decade! 

Leonard Ellerbe, the CEO of Mayweather Promotions and the staunchest Mayweather supporter outside the immediate family, is talking up McGregor’s chances.
“Believe me,” Ellerbe said emphatically to Yahoo Sports, “ain’t no way Floyd is underestimating this guy. All [McGregor’s] losses were on the floor. He’s unbeaten standing up, using his hands. Floyd is taking him very seriously.”


McGregor scoffs at talk that he is fighting an uphill battle against Mayweather, and insists that most of the advantages in the fight belong to him. Even when it comes to boxing footwork, at which Mayweather is an acknowledged master, McGregor has a ready response.

“I’ll go out and I’ll paint many different pictures,” McGregor said. “I can fight in many stances. I can fight in many styles. I can take a capoeira stance. I can take a taekwondo stance. I can take a karate stance. I can take a boxing stance. I can take a Greco Roman freestyle-wrestling stance. I can stand and fight in many, many ways, and I will fight in all of them.
“I will paint many, many different pictures in this fight. I’ll dazzle him, and then the shots will find their home.”
What do you think?

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