Thursday 20 July 2017

Betting with Jammie Dodgers rather than Custard Creams

Betting, it's an intriguing subject. 

My old gran is a creature of habit. Every time she goes to the shop, she buys a packet of Hobnob biscuits. Hell will freeze over before she fingers a packet of ginger nuts.

If she was a gambler, she'd most likely plum for a straight win. I just a get a feeling that would be her thing. 

Who doesn't love a single bet? 

I hate to say it, but my old gran could be making a mistake. I know it's a difficult decision but sometimes a hobnob could be trumped by a jammie dodger, custard cream or even the Italian's favourite, a Garibaldi. 

I really need to get out more...

The humble biscuit is a perfect metaphor when it comes to bet types! 

Okay, I'm going to ask you a question. 

What's your favourite BET?

Be honest! No switching your fig biscuit with a digestive just because it makes you look more sophisticated or goes with the pipe you smoke. 

I wonder if there is an optimum bet?  It may be a difficult thing to make a judgment but I think we can agree there is often a time when one bet is actually better than another. 

Would you go for two straight singles or an each-way double? 

Your answer may depend on the price of the horses. If you are dealing with two horses at 5/1 then you may rightly (or wrongly) question why bother? Two singles give you an option of getting out if the second horse bolts to the start. It makes sense, hey. 

However, if you have a couple of horses priced 5/2 then you may feel this is a great bet. Still, you could do them as singles although I wonder how many punters would do this. It's strange how these aspects bring varying questions? 

I guess a lot of people simply don't think about this at all. Perhaps you should give it consideration.  Surely, it is the foundation of your understanding to select the right bet. It should be equal if not more important to the tip selections themselves. 

Fancy two horses in the same race? What bet would you do? Ask five people and you may get five different answers. The result, return on your bet, dictates the best decision. 

We all have our favourite bets or a hatred of a certain bet. 

One point of contention is betting each-way. What do you think? Love 'em or hate 'em. I, personally, don't mind an each-way bet whereas my brother hates them. To be fair, long-term you are most likely to return a greater points profit with straight wins. Again, it depends on the price of the selection and your success. 

Beyond just talking about pounds, shillings and pence, I bet each-way (again depending on the selections and trying to find the best bet) because I follow a few statistical angles. Some detail a given trainer has an 80% place rate, which is the strength of the bet. So, I often bet each-way or even just a place bet on the exchanges, which is the bet in this circumstance. For example, if a horse is priced 5/1 and the stats say it has a 30% strike rate but an 80% place it may be best to take 1/1 for a place.

Another reason betting each-way is that it can be a confidence bet. In that I mean, you are likely to get a return or your money back depending on your success, of course. Whereas betting straight wins can be a touch soul destroying if you have a string of place efforts but fail to taste victory (tastes like a fig roll). 

The point of this post isn't so much trying to detail what bet type is best but to take a moment to see how these points can make the difference between winning and losing. I always remember my brother saying he had the first, second and third in a race and ''some how'' didn't win any money. 

He didn't even get his money back! 

Clearly, he was either very unlucky or had done the wrong bet. 

The foundation or principles you use to bet from bet type, betting banks etc are as important as the horse you fancy to win. 

How many of you have ever considered this point?

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