Wednesday 15 February 2017

McGregor Vs Mayweather: Will the fight happen?

Could it happen? Will it happen? It's a fight all boxers and UFC fans would pay big money to watch but can this really take place?  
Floyd Mayweather Jr Vs Conor McGregor
Is this just a ''much-hyped mega-fight'' to boost MrGregor's career?
Rumour has it, a deal had been struck. However, Mayweather says he is "happily retired and enjoying life", and that NO fight will happen anytime soon. 
Or is this just more media false news?
UFC fighter McGregor responded with an Instagram post mocking Mayweather featuring him sitting on a throne, the undefeated American was quick to hit back again.
Mayweather wrote on Twitter: "Listen, Conor McGregor, if you really want to get this fight done… take care of your business with the UFC and then have your people get in touch with my people."
The 39-year-old, who retired in 2015 with a record of 49 undefeated victories. He spoke of his confidence that the fight would happen, while McGregor – the first UFC fighter in history to hold belts in two weight divisions at the same time - is also optimistic.
The bout to said be worth $1billion.


  1. Everyone wants it to happen but if they used their brains, they'd know this fight won't happen. Both Mayweather and McGregor know it won't happen too. McGregor is only using Mayweather's name to boost his profile, which will ultimately bring more money in for him as he holds UFC to ransom. Since Jon Jones went off the rails, McGregor is their poster boy now. And Mayweather's retired, he has nothing to prove, he knows McGregor is just playing the game. He doesn't have to agree to anything, and he won't unless the money on offer was so stupid that it's impossible to refuse. Either way, he has nothing to lose by keeping the hype going.

  2. Anthony: Pure theatre, Money will probably make it happen, but it will not be having any of mine. If it is under Boxing rules as is hinted it is a total mismatch. Be like me wandering onto Centre court at Wimbledon with an old wooden racket and telling Murray im next.

  3. Patrick: They could be fighting in my backyard and I still wouldn't get up from the couch to watch!


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