Wednesday 11 January 2017

Sports Gambling Advice – Knowing When to Stop

Sports gambling has been exponentially growing in popularity over the last two decades, and doesn’t show any signs of letting up anytime soon. With more platforms popping up everyday, and new, innovative ways to wager on sports or the players via daily fantasy sports, it’s becoming harder and harder not to try your luck at sports gambling in some form or another. Sportsbooks in the United States remain only in Nevada and Delaware but there is a huge underground grey area with sports betting domestically and internationally there are betting shops and online sportsbooks that make placing a wager on any Basketball or Football game a cinch.

Whether it be through an online sportsbook – where there’s literally thousands of online casinos and sportsbooks just waiting for you to place a wager. There’s also new forms of sports betting that mimic fantasy sports, where instead of picking the winner of a game, you pick your team of players from around the league and you win or lose depending on how well your drafted players play against another online opponent. This particular method has really caught fire in recent years amongst college students, and is still continuing to hit the mainstream as companies like Draft Kings are becoming a regular sponsor for major sporting events, and their ads can be seen on television commercials around the clock during the NFL season.

With the increasing exposure to various gambling options, it’s easy to see why the world seems to be picking up gambling at a pace we haven’t seen prior. Now there’s momentum to force action and potentially legalize sports gambling in a few states with Donald Trump in the White House.

One thing is for sure… Sports gambling isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it seems like we should get used to its presence as it continues to grow each and every year among sports fans and people just trying to make a fast, easy buck. As sports gambling is thrust into the spotlight, some are beginning to take note of the negative aspects of the latest craze.

While there are a few sports gamblers who have hit it very big like Vegas Dave & John Price and are very lucky to have been thrust into the spotlight for earning money in an outright difficult landscape. Even with those making money with their wagers, there’s plenty more who end up blowing their hard earned money on losing sports picks. This is also why sports handicapping is becoming a more viable option for investment advice in the world of sports betting. Instead of picking your own games use a professional. There’s professional sports bettors out there who you can pay for their winning picks, and who will advise you through the world of sports gambling.

One of the most fundamental rules of sports betting, that any professional sports bettor or handicapper will tell you is to know when to stop. Knowing when to stop can be the difference between a consistently winning sports bettor with a bankroll in the six or seven digit range, or a losing, degenerate gambler who places wagers he can no longer afford, hoping that this game is going to be the one that turns his luck around.

Sports gambling can lead to obsessive behavior in some, so it’s important to either be disciplined in your own betting habits from day to day, or to work with a pro who understands the pitfalls of gambling and how to avoid falling into some of the common traps and entering Gamblers Anonymous if the problem persists.

Professionals handicappers sometimes refer to it as, “Chasing the money.” It’s when you lose your first or second wager on the day, and you’re overcome with the urge to quickly get it back before the end of the day. So you scramble to place wagers on games that are virtual coin-flips, and don’t have that great of odds to work in your favor. This is the fastest way to turn a $500 loss on the day to a $5,000 loss. Knowing when to walk away is one of the best skills a sports bettor can have.

Losing is as much apart of sports betting as winning is. It’s how you handle the losses that will likely decide whether or not you’re a successful sports bettor. Losing and winning tend to come in spurts for a lot of people, so if you’re having a losing day and none of your picks are going your way, it’s time to cut your loses and move onto the next day’s action.

This is also why so many professional handicappers prefer only picking one single game each day. They load up their money on the single best odds available that day, and then live or die by that single wager. This is beneficial for a few reasons… First, it ensures that you’re only putting your money on the best odds that day and gives you the best mathematical odds to be successful, sports info traders a professional firm that wins more than 54% of all of their bets has taught it’s clients valuable lessons regarding this along the way and second, it is a great way to instill discipline in your betting habits.

With sports betting continuing to grow each year and become more common among sports fans, it’s important that the betting public is informed and disciplined in their practices, and know when to walk away, so to avoid some of the negative consequences of obsessive gambling.

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