Sunday 8 May 2016

I didn't Need to Ask Roger Varian a Question

You read lots of information on the internet about sports analysts, betting gurus and people who either know more than your average Joe or tell the world they do. 

There are people who win consistently betting within their niche. Why? It's quite simple [but takes a lot of hard work] they know a little bit more than most. That slight advantage gives them an opportunity to win. 

The bookmaker industry is very competitive. All sectors of business are competitive. Why does one business within a certain industry make a fortune while another struggles to keep its head above water? When it comes down to it we are stuck with the old adage: knowledge is power. 

I can't remember the man's name but in the good old days of buying stocks and shares this wise character took note of the days, the chimneys were smoking at the plant and bought shares in those who been working their socks off before detailing their annual profit. Something so blatantly obvious and wise enough to appreciate its worth.

Imagine if you could go up to a horse trainer [Let's say, Roger, an affable chap if I ever saw one] and blatantly ask him: 

''Roger, what is your best two-year-old in the stable? No, better still, Rog', tell me all of your best two-year-olds. Here's my mobile phone number, keep me informed.''

I know what you're thinking? He's talking out of his chimney pot, again. He's trumpeting smoke like he's smoking 60 John Player a day. Look, go eat a tic-tac and sod off to the land of pixies and gnomes. You, Varian-stalking nut.

I guess you think Mr. Varian would tell me to politely go away. So he might. He's a busy man, with lots on his mind, he can't be dealing with Joe Public and twenty questions. Go and ask a politician about fracking or something. 

Believe it or not [I don't care] I don't need to ask him.

In fact, such is my knowledge that I know this information without even wasting my breath or his. Yes, the smoking chimney pot has turned into smoke and mirrors. But I'm not talking about magic or trickery, it's a fact. It's there in black and white. See, the trouble with most people in life is that they see through their own eyes [just as well really]. If you were using my eyes to walk down the road when I'm sitting in the garden with my bottle of Moet you might trip up the next curb or fall down a hole.

What I mean is that because they don't know something there is a tendency to imagine no one can possibly know! Sounds a bit like the ostrich considering what to do with its head and a patch of deep, soft sand. 

Knowledge is power.

Through my experience, which comes from blood, sweat and tears I can detail that everything I have said is true. Remarkable, hey. In fact, I can tell you where to find this information for free. The best two-year-old horses in training. The trainer doesn't really want me to know this information. Basically, he has been forced to tell me under duress. I know what he's thinking because I have the knowledge. 

I'm going to do you a favour. I don't need to and I probably won't get one ounce of thanks for doing it because too often people take rather than give. But those who do appreciate make up for the takers and I generally find those good, generous people reap the rewards because they are wise. 

Visit Group Horse and you will know the best two-year-old colts and fillies in training. 

Instead of going up to Mr [Roger] Varian and asking him: ''What's you're best two-year-old in the stable?'' 

You can smile as you walk past and say: ''I hear Hesastarinthemaking is flying up the gallops.'' 

Roger's thinking... @#%K That Group Horse he walks to the paddock sucking on a sour apple tic-tac. 

Not only have you most likely learned something of value by reading this article I've done all the work for you too.

Don't forget. 

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