Thursday 5 May 2016

So you Fancy Yourself as a Tipster?

So you fancy yourself as a quality sports tipster? 

You enjoy analysis and findings winners or perhaps you are privy to inside info which sets you apart from the crowd. Well, you could be just the person we are looking for. Take a moment to consider this proposal. Why? Because if you take the time to write a race/competition preview we will place a lucky £5 win or £2.50 each-way bet on the result.

Here's the good apart 

If it wins or placed, we will pay you in cold, hard cash. 

For example, you write a preview about a horse race, dog race, golf, darts competition or two zombie flies crawling up a wall (ok that would be an unusual bet). However, if your tip selection wins or placed we put money in your pocket. 

Think back to that last big winner. That 20/1 shot would have paid £100. Not bad, hey.

Perhaps you back the favourite. I'll give £7.5 if you tip a 6/4 which tastes victory. It's a fun concept which informs readers, gives us content and you the opportunity to profit from your skill. As an expert tipster, you should be paid. 

Basically, we want winning content on our websites. We are interested in teaming up with sports fans who have a penchant for writing quality analysis, thoughts, funny, mad or even crazy predictions. 

You must write correct English. Understand how to use apostrophes and full stops. (I know you can but just checking!) 

Make your betting pay by simply taking the time  to write a quality blog post. 

''We like a gamble. You like a gamble. Our readers love a gamble.'' 


Get Paid For Your Winning Tips. It makes sense, hey. When did you last receive £10, £20, £50 or £100 for writing about a tip selection?

We have a suitcase full of cash waiting for you. 

I wish someone would make this offer to me.  

  • Original content on the following sports: horse racing, dogs, darts, golf... We are always open to suggestion, so if something else tickles your fancy...
  • 350 Words or more.
  • Edited and proofread. I don't mind giving posts a quick once over but I'm not rewriting.
  • Articles must be forwarded no later than 7pm the evening before the start of the competition, race etc. Only articles posted on this websites are legible for prize winnings.) 
  • Maximum odds we pay are 100/1 (generally based on starting price (SP), which may be to your benefit if it drifts in the betting. If you have an ante-post bet then you may take the price.) Straight win or each-way wager, the choice is yours. 
  • Must be 7 + runners or win competitions. No two-horse races etc.   
  • You must have a Paypal account to receive funds and we pay within 24 hours (Guaranteed).

Interested? By invitation only - 

Initially, send a quick email to 

Simply detail your fave sport and - if accepted - get ready to collect your winning! 

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