Tuesday 6 December 2011

High Probability Eachway Selection Tuesday 06/12/2011

Level Stakes Running Total P/L: + 4..65 Points
December: + 0.25 Points
November: - 2.25 Points
October: + 6.65 Points

Sedgefield -- 12:50 -- Hannah Jacques -- 7 ∕ 2 -- Boylesports (Result -2nd - SP 9/4)

Wishing you good luck
Stay Patient

P.S:  If you would like to learn more about this method  click on this link: Introducing My New ‘High Probability Each Way Selections’


  1. Hi Mark,

    I am interested in exchanging links on my new trainer website directory. It is a great resource for all readers. Take a look and see what you think: http://thehorsetrainerwebsitedirectory.blogspot.com/

    If it is satisfactory, please use the name ''Trainer Websites''.

    Kind regards,
    Jason (HCE)

  2. Hey Jason

    It's a please to add a link as I believe it is a fantastic resource mate.

    I have added a link to my blog roll and to my useful resources link.

    Regards Mark


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