Wednesday 16 February 2011

My Each Way Selections – Wednesday 16th February 2011

Hi all      
To learn about this method click here ----- Introducing my eachway Selections

Leicester  – 15:10 – William Somers – 8/1 – Bet365 (Result - 1st - SP - 4/1)
Punchestown – 13:45 – Jayo – 5/1 – Paddypower (Result - 3rd - SP - 7/1)

Wishing you good luck
Stay Patient


  1. Well done Mark !!

    Two excellent selections ,William Somers landed quite a gamble.


  2. I like your blueprint but the skill in having a feel for a bet is what gives you the edge. Keep patient. In filtering your bets, where do you start. For me the selection needs to jump of the page.

  3. Hi Jerry

    Thanks mate.
    You raised the bar today with your winner so it was an hard act to follow.
    by the way I would advise anyone to take a look at your blog the address is:

    thanks for your comment.
    I think you are right the key is to stay patient. When filtering for my bets I start with the prices of each selection in the race.

    Thanks again

  4. Thanks Jason

    Hopefully there will be a few more soon!!!


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