Betfair Layers Chance Their Luck

Betfair Layers Chance Their Luck
Betfair layers chanced their luck when Wings Of Gold's stall failed to open in the 1:40 Newbury.  

Priced 7/2 with bookmakers, layers, perhaps, presumed they could make some easy money when Saeed bin Suroor's son of Raven's Pass went nowhere as the field raced on. A technical fault saw the chestnut colt taking no part. Meanwhile, plenty of exchange players went crazy with one layer giving £156 at 99/1. However, any thought of making a quick buck turned to horror as the flagman brought the field to a halt with regard to a faulty start. As no horse crossed the finishing line, jockeys returned their mounts to the stalls ready for the race to begin in earnest. 

Betfair markets remained opened with original bets still live. 

Wings Of Gold started 7/2 leaving numerous layers with huge liabilities while a few lucky punters had high hopes of coining it in with a 99/1 shot that should have been nearer favourite than the rag.  

Layers lived to fight another day when Wings Of Gold finished 8th, behind impressive winner Mildenberger, trained by Mark Johnston. 

Be careful when laying horses in-running just because their stall doesn't open.  

Betting with Jammie Dodgers rather than Custard Creams

Betting With Jammie Dodgers Today Betting, it's an intriguing subject. 

My old gran is a creature of habit. Every time she goes to the shop, she buys a packet of Hobnob biscuits. Hell will freeze over before she fingers a packet of ginger nuts.

If she was a gambler, she'd most likely plum for a straight win. I just a get a feeling that would be her thing. 

Who doesn't love a single bet? 

I hate to say it, but my old gran could be making a mistake. I know it's a difficult decision but sometimes a hobnob could be trumped by a jammie dodger, custard cream or even the Italian's favourite, a Garibaldi. 

I really need to get out more...

The humble biscuit is a perfect metaphor when it comes to bet types! 

Okay, I'm going to ask you a question. 

What's your favourite BET?

Be honest! No switching your fig biscuit with a digestive just because it makes you look more sophisticated or goes with the pipe you smoke. 

I wonder if there is an optimum bet?  It may be a difficult thing to make a judgment but I think we can agree there is often a time when one bet is actually better than another. 

Would you go for two straight singles or an each-way double? 

Your answer may depend on the price of the horses. If you are dealing with two horses at 5/1 then you may rightly (or wrongly) question why bother? Two singles give you an option of getting out if the second horse bolts to the start. It makes sense, hey. 

However, if you have a couple of horses priced 5/2 then you may feel this is a great bet. Still, you could do them as singles although I wonder how many punters would do this. It's strange how these aspects bring varying questions? 

I guess a lot of people simply don't think about this at all. Perhaps you should give it consideration.  Surely, it is the foundation of your understanding to select the right bet. It should be equal if not more important to the tip selections themselves. 

Fancy two horses in the same race? What bet would you do? Ask five people and you may get five different answers. The result, return on your bet, dictates the best decision. 

We all have our favourite bets or a hatred of a certain bet. 

One point of contention is betting each-way. What do you think? Love 'em or hate 'em. I, personally, don't mind an each-way bet whereas my brother hates them. To be fair, long-term you are most likely to return a greater points profit with straight wins. Again, it depends on the price of the selection and your success. 

Beyond just talking about pounds, shillings and pence, I bet each-way (again depending on the selections and trying to find the best bet) because I follow a few statistical angles. Some detail a given trainer has an 80% place rate, which is the strength of the bet. So, I often bet each-way or even just a place bet on the exchanges, which is the bet in this circumstance. For example, if a horse is priced 5/1 and the stats say it has a 30% strike rate but an 80% place it may be best to take 1/1 for a place.

Another reason betting each-way is that it can be a confidence bet. In that I mean, you are likely to get a return or your money back depending on your success, of course. Whereas betting straight wins can be a touch soul destroying if you have a string of place efforts but fail to taste victory (tastes like a fig roll). 

The point of this post isn't so much trying to detail what bet type is best but to take a moment to see how these points can make the difference between winning and losing. I always remember my brother saying he had the first, second and third in a race and ''some how'' didn't win any money. 

He didn't even get his money back! 

Clearly, he was either very unlucky or had done the wrong bet. 

The foundation or principles you use to bet from bet type, betting banks etc are as important as the horse you fancy to win. 

How many of you have ever considered this point?

Man Eats Cheeseburger to Win $10,000 Bet

Man Eats Cheeseburger to Win $10,000 BetThere are some amazing sport betting stories. 

The type of story where some bloke goes to the races with a few pounds in his pocket and comes back a millionaire. Sure we know that isn't the scenario for your average Joe Bloggs. In fact, it's odds-on that more punters have lost millions than won. However, isn't that the thrill of the gamble? There's always someone who knows a friend of a friend who has the Midas touch. Some people make a fortune without even placing a bet. Read more...

Take a look at this great website for all your Sports promo codes and enjoy these stories to see which punters tick your box. 

The Lucky Punter Wins £44,000 with £10 Bet

Stephen Kelly shouted: 


as the final leg of his astounding golf bet came in. The Aberdeenshire man's double added to the sum of 4363/1. 

The 30-year-old, now living in London, placed the wager online with Bet365. 

Picking (Up) Winners Without Placing a Bet

This gambler was flat broke but that didn't stop Jesus Leonardo from winning bundles of cash. Better still, he didn't even need cash. How come? Well, this canny soul makes a living from searching the rubbish bins at betting parlours in search of winning betting tickets thrown away by mistake. Jesus realised the worth of checking old betting slips after losing a winning ticket worth $900. So desperate was he to locate his ticket that the manageress said he could take home bags of ''losing'' betting tickets home in the vain hope of finding his wonga. 

In a bizarre twist of fate, he didn't find his ticket but two other winners worth $2,000. 

It was the start of a new career earning more than $45,000 a year. 

When you consider uncashed winning tickets in New York totalled more than $4.2 million a year there's plenty enough money to go round if you can find those elusive winning (lost tickets). 

I Bet you Can't Eat this Cheeseburger for $10,000

Heavy weight pro poker player Howard Lederer was told to lose some pound by his doctor and took the advised by losing almost 80lbs. With poker earnings of almost $6M, there was only one thing he loved more than gambling and that was food. However, even a strict diet couldn't stop him from taking advantage of a stupid bet made by his good friend David Grey.

He bet $10,000 that he couldn't demolish [eat] a big cheeseburger.  

Lederer finished the meal and pocketed an easy $10,000.   

World Record Slots Winner Takes £13.2M

Jack and the Beanstalk
You need to be brave to fight in a war. But perhaps you need a brave, strong heart to cope with this amazing winner on the slots. 

That's what happened to 26-year-old Jon Heywood from Crew, Cheshire when he became an overnight multi millionaire picking up £13.2M for a ridiculous 25p stake. 

Who says playing online slots doesn't pay? This Afganistan war hero couldn't believe his luck when he struck gold. 

He said: ''After a tough year seeing my grandad die, the first thing I'm going to do is buy the best possible medical treatment for my father who is waiting for a heart and lung transplant.''

He is also going to spoil himself buying a yellow Bentley Continental GT. 

He drives a Fiat Punto!

Jon continued: "I couldn't believe that I'd won all this money at the time - and it still hasn't sunk in.

"It's amazing. The first thing I will spend it on is the best possible medical treatment for my dad. "That's more important than anything. Family comes first and I'd give all this money back for him to be healthy again."

His good fortune means he's paying for his relatives to go on a Mediterranean cruise.

The win is a world record for the largest jackpot payout in an online machine game. 

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As they say: ''Enter the enchanting world of princesses and princes, dragons and ogres, fairies and elves. While not what one would initially expect as an online slots theme, fairy tale inspired games to appeal to the whimsical, nostalgic side of players, taking them back to a time of castles in the sky and pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. Developers quickly picked up on the trend, realising that players yearned to be transported to a world of fantasy and away from their harsh realities, hence casinos like Mr Green offer more and more fairy tale slots. Let’s explore the top 10 fairy tale slots out there.''

Highland Reel Eyeing Another Ascot Triumph

Highland Reel
Highland Reel claimed victory at the Prince of Wales's Stakes at Royal Ascot in June and will be aiming to maintain his success when he returns to the racecourse for the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes to defend his crown.
Aidan O’Brien’s charge produced an outstanding display to win the crown during the event, defeating his nearest rival, Decorated Knight, by one-and-a-quarter lengths. The Irish horse has been rested since, but will be eager to continue his impressive campaign, having also won the Coronation Cup at the Epsom Downs.
As a result, it will be worth tracking Highland Reel’s odds with Oddschecker’s horse racing tips for the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes at Ascot at the end of July. O’Brien’s charge made his first impact in 2014, winning his first race at the Maiden Stakes at Gowran Park, while he followed that up with another victory at the Vintage Stakes at Goodwood.
Due to his early impressive performances, Highland Reel competed at the Prix Du Jockey Club at Chantilly – the first major race of his career. However, he just lacked the pace to beat out New Bay – trained by Andre Fabre – to the crown, losing by one-and-a-half lengths.
He failed to live up to expectations at the Irish Derby, finishing fifth in a field that included Jack Hobbs. The Irish horse bounced back with victories at the Gordon Stakes and Secretariat Stakes, but when exposed to another talented field in the Irish Champion Stakes he could not match the pace of the leading pack – as the legendary horse Golden Horn triumphed at Leopardstown.

In the 2016 campaign, he came into Royal Ascot without a great deal of race action and that perhaps played a role in his second-place finish in the Hardwicke Stakes. Dartmouth just edged out O’Briens charge by a head in the meet, with the Irish horse lacking a fraction of pace in the final straight.
Highland Reel
He bounced back at the end of July in the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes, avenging his defeat as he eased to victory over the rest over the field, including Dartmouth. The Irish Champion Stakes was to end in disappointment again, while Found bettered him at Chantilly in the Prix De L'Arc De Triomphe, finishing second behind his stablemate.
The Breeders' Cup brought out the best in Highland Reel, as he triumphed by one-and-three-quarters lengths, producing arguably the best display of his career.
Highland Reel began 2017 in Meydan for the Sheema Classic, but he didn’t have the pace from the off, finishing last for the first time in his career.  However, O’Brien had his charge ready for the first race of the flat season in England at the Epsom Downs, entering the race as the favourite. The five-year-old delivered with a flawless display to win the Coronation Cup.
The Irish horse was outstanding once again in the Prince of Wales's Stakes at Royal Ascot, producing a fine run down the final furlong to win the meet, with former conqueror and race favourite Jack Hobbs languishing down in eighth place.
The pressure will be on Highland Reel to win his third race on the bounce, which he has never previously achieved during his three years in the sport. It would be no surprise to see the Irish horse, O’Brien and jockey Ryan Moore to deliver another flawless outing at Ascot.

Bet365 Close £1m Winning Account

Carry on at Your Convenience (1971)
Bookmakers: Love or hate them? I guess your attitude towards them is dependent on your gambling success. Although, if you win too much they are likely to close your account so you may be frustrated by knowing you can win but can't get your bet on. 

As in the classic film Carry On at Your Convenience (1971). The scene where Joey the budgie astounds Sid Plummer (Sidney James) with a string of winning tips. After years of losing, the hapless Mr Plummer simply couldn't lose. All was good until after taking his local bookmaker to the cleaners once too often his account was: CLOSED!!!!

Listen to Joey the budgie pick winning tips. 

A riveting conversation ensued where bettor and layer reasoned the trials and tribulations of gambling, winning and losing.  

Sid Plummer: ''What kind of sportsman doesn't take a bet?'' 

The bookmaker replies:  

''If I was a sportsman, I'd be riding the horse!''

Well, you may think betting with your bookmaker is as simple as winning or losing. So, if you win, you just go and collect your money. If they close your account you can merrily stick up two fingers (or one for the budgie to perch) and say F*** You. 

It sounds good in theory. However, an Irish student from Belfast found out to her displeasure that if you win it might not be quite as simple as you thought. 

You may find that not only is your account suspended but closed

In fact, you may find that not only have your winning vanished but your stake has mysteriously vanished into the bookmaker's satchel and the only way you are going to get your stake or winnings back is by taking them to court. 

That's what happened in a recent bet placed with Bet365. The Telegraph has an exclusive story which details why you don't want to be betting for a third party or give the impression you have. 

Read: Teenager takes Bet365 to court over £1m 'won' on horse races


2:55 Wolverhampton Racing Tips (12th July) Novice Auction Stakes

Sylvester Kirk, horse trainer
A restricted race type which often falls to a form horse.  Mrs Teasdale has run well on her last two starts and sets a fair standard. From a statistical point of view, Danzan is another who holds respectable claims. Interesting to see how the only significantly entered two-year-old goes here. Sylvester Kirk has a decent string of juveniles this season and it is intriguing to consider why this able handler gave Sauciehall Street an entry for Royal Ascot. This could be a sign of ability although I am always slightly careful with the entries at the Royal meeting. This son of Mastercraftsman was a relatively cheap yearling purchase at just 16.000G. He was entered to run a while back but withdrawn. She seemed weak in the market which wasn't the best indicator although Kirk can pop up with debutantes who win at big odds. A wide draw isn't ideal and I have a sneaking impression this bay colt may be a non-runner. I can't say I am confident about this colt but very interested in seeing how he fairs.