Sunday, 13 May 2018

High Risk or Low Risk?

World Cup 2018
What sort of better are you? Do you like to “risk it to get the biscuit” or are you more of a conservative gambler? For the best world cup betting tips check out world cup tips and you will be privileged enough to get the opinions of some of the smartest minds in the game when it comes to the world cup. Whether you are a risk taker or a safe better, world cup tips will have the answers for you. 

I am quite a safe better myself, I will make the following safe bets come the world cup. I would put some money on Germany and Brazil to win the world cup outright. I would bet on Messi of Argentian and Neymar from Brazil to win the golden boot and I would even take a punt on David De Gae of Spain to win the golden gloves award. I know many punters who would take a risk and bet on dark horses such as Belgium, France or Argentina to win the World Cup and these are not bad bets to be fair. All three sides have quality players and if they perform to their best abilities there is absolutely no reason why they will not have fighting chance of winning. There will also be the odd punter who will bet on players such as Ronaldo – the Portuguese genius and Harry Kane – England’s new golden boy. These two players are world class players and have scored goals for fun in their respective leagues this year however do Portugal have the ability to go as far in the tournament as a team such as Brazil? Only time will tell! That is the beauty of the World Cup, there is always a shock result around the corner. World Cup Tips will be able to assist you in deciding which games to bet on and which teams to bet on in the process. 

Everyone loves themselves an underdog story and we would love nothing better than to see an outsider go on to win the tournament this year. Some of the outsiders who may be worth taking a punt on would be for sides such as Russia the hosts to reach the latter stages of the competition. Russian have some talented players and they will be boosted by the fans and the fans will most certainly be the 12th man rooting and pushing the players over the line late in games. It often happens that the host nation seems to perform over and above their abilities as the have the chance to become hero’s in their nation. We saw South Korea surprise the footballing world when they got all the way to the Quarter Finals in the tournament in 2002 when the competition was played in South Korea and Japan. When it comes to betting, always be safe and think before you make that bet!

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Psychology of Slot Machines

Online Slots
The old-style fruit machines. 

Just a bit of fun. I doubt too many addicts would agree. However, the mentality of gamblers varies from one extreme to the other. Some bet and walk away, while others simply cannot stop pulling that one-armed bandit or pressing a flashing button until they are broke. 

Interesting how people vary so much. People do their own thing. Some, I guess, are more likely to be addicted to gambling or a certain type of gamble. When over 50% of the population bet, it is a worry for those who realise too late that a ''seemingly'' innocent pastime has cost them their home, marriage and life. 

Fruit machines are one of the most addictive forms of gambling. 

As a child, I used to go to Caister-on-sea for our annual holiday. Every September, missing the first week of the new school year because dad loved his racing at Great Yarmouth. Holidays were cheaper. I didn't like school so I would have opted for one long holiday fifty-two weeks a year. Anyway, the arcade on the holiday camp was ideal for two brothers who liked the look of the fruit machines. It was in the 1970s so we were talking pretty basic stuff. They even had a few of those old, chromed numbers with the Indian head, the class one-armed bandits which these days are collector's items and go for a few grand a piece. We were in our element. A pocket of twopences and motivated by the lights, noise of coins paying out willingly. The smell of hot dogs drifting in the air. Mum and dad listening to the entertainment. Dad with his brown and mild. Happy times. We played those machines with spirit. Not sure, thinking back, what was going through my mind. I guess it was the thought of winning. When you have a pound's worth of change in your pocket anything seems possible! 

Win or lose it didn't make any great difference. Basically, it was fun. I don't regret betting or my parents suggesting it was okay or acceptable. Like father like son. I will be forever proud of my dad.    

In some respects, betting from such an early age may have been a good thing. It brought a realisation that to win at gambling you need to have intelligence and discipline. By the time I was a teenager I was bored to death with fruit machines. I realised they were fixed odds, so long term you simply couldn't win. 

I hadn't played a slot machine in years but thought I'd have a bit of fun on Saturday evening. I use Betfair for betting horses on the exchange but they have everything on the website including online slots. 

I thought I'd bet a tenner. 

Slot machines are very different from the good, old days. But one thing that came to mind was the amount of psychological research which must go into making these games big money makers from casinos, bookmakers or whoever sets these businesses up.

They are made to keep you betting and they have cracked that aspect of betting without question.  

I won £200, so good luck favours the brave. Stopped playing and very much doubt I will be playing for a good few months.  

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Do you Bet with Confidence?

Betting with Confidence
One thing I have noticed about many gamblers is that very few people bet with confidence. 


The main reason is that a huge number of punters never actually learn how to improve their betting performance. It seems a strange approach considering the amount of money can be lost in a year. Just betting £3 per day amounts to £1000+ a year. Over a lifetime it's a considerable amount of money. No one is saying that punters don't have a win or two along the way so it isn't all bad news. 

But do you finish the year in profit?

It is too easy to think that all punters lose. The fact of the matter is that a good number win. But how do they win? Is it a subject of mystery? How can you find that winning angle?

The only way - in my opinion - is to find your niche. Who has time to know everything? No one. Very few sportsmen or women are trying to win gold medals in different disciplines. It's the same with gambling. You need to know your niche better than the average gambler. That advantage will mean you identify things other do not see. You will be in tune with your niche so you intuitively reinforce winning angles. 

I specilaise within the niche of two-year-old horse racing. I can tell you, it takes me all my time to even come close to keeping up with the volume of work. It is like being stuck on a conveyor belt. Keep up or fall behind. Fall too far behind and you may as well give up because you will never know enough. Those patches of lacking within your knowledge will come back to haunt you in losses. Losses will lead to a lack in confidence. A lack in confidence will eventually make winning at gambling impossible. 

So where does confidence start and end. 

You will only bet with confidence when you have exceptional understanding or your subject matter. 

Unless you can put the time into being your best you are likely to fail at betting. 

Sunday, 29 April 2018

What do Pigeons and Gambling Addicts have in Common?

Pigeons love to bet on the lottery
It sounds a strange pairing. 

Two love birds. One playing a FOBT in the betting shop. The other looking through the window, flapping his wings with an air of impulsivity. 

Both hoping for that elusive, big win: money or corn!

Perhaps, it's where the term: ''Do you fancy a flutter'' came from? 

However, joking aside, there is nothing humourous about problem gambling. It has a hugely negative affect on the individual if not their family, friends and society as a whole.

Research from the University of Kentucky found that pigeons and problem gamblers seem to have a trait in common. They both display impulsive behaviour!

This psychological research is important as it details that impulse control could be the answer in finding an approach that helps with this addiction.

Although you may never have thought about it - pigeons love to gamble. 

They consistently pecked a target that would result in a ''big jackpot'' of corn in favour pecking a target that offered 100% wins but less corn. On average the ''big jackpot'' paid out two corn seeds while the guaranteed win paid three. (Not the wisest gamble).

Researchers questioned whether this tendency to gamble was related to impulsivitiy. 

Lead author of the research, doctorate psychology student Jennifer Laude and colleagues, found that more impulsive birds were likely to gamble for the big payout rather than wait 20 seconds. The pigeons behaviour detailed they gave more significance to winning the jackpot than losing. 

This is the same behaviour displayed by addictive or problem gamblers. This relates to an impulse control disorder. In this way pathological gamblers aren't interested in their losses as they focus on the big win. 

This research indicates that impulsivity may make people more prone to gambling. Consequently, training impulsive behaviours may help control problem gambling.   

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

What's Your Favourite Racecourse to Bet?

Racecourse you love and hate to BET
It's a topic which I am sure you have an opinion. Let's face it, we have enough racecourses to love, hate or feel indifferent. However, stop for a moment about the cosmetic relevance of that question. Why? Well, we are talking betting. 

It's a funny one, but why is it that you seemingly have certain racecourses you just love to bet. You probably have a name pop up in your mind like neon, quickly followed by a horse you won a lot of money. Oh yes! I remember that day. Where were you when JFK was shot? Sorry, I can tell you the date my horse cruise clear of the field, the jockeys whip turned into a magic wand and I'm sure as the horse crossed the line first, a rabbit appeared from the top of someone's hat in the crowd. 

I follow two-year-old racing to a level I should be sitting in that black chair (no, not an electric chair, Master Mind). Your specialist subject: two-year-old racing 2018 and beyond. 

To be honest, I like a lot of courses for betting purposes. I like Chester, which to many is a course they love to hate. I don't know what it is, but I feel confident about finding winners at this oval course. I've even picked winners from a wide draw. (Not many). I am pretty pleased with the all-weather courses, too. I love a short runner drawn low over 5f at Kempton. They take some catching. 

One course I am not keen on is Musselburgh. The five furlong sprints for the juveniles. It just seems one of those courses which I almost tear up my betting ticket if the horse leads. Even if I know they are a natural front runner I waiting for the beast to tire rather than unfold Pegasus wings. I would much rather see a horse running off the pace which makes no sense talking about a random horse in time. I mean, it might be the fastest thing on four hooves. But it is a course I am a little bit frightened when it comes to placing a bet.

But tell me this, which racecourse do you love and hate when it comes to betting? I would love to hear your reasoning why, too, if you can put it into words. 

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

1966: A Year of Sporting Victories

What a year. 

Like the battle of Hastings in 1066, football fans will never forget the year when England won the World Cup 1966. 

As the quote goes: ''They think its all over...'' Kenneth Wolstenholme's commentary on BBC when England beat Germany 4 - 2. 

He said: And here comes Hurst! He's got...

Some people are on the pitch! They think it's all over!

Whatever your fancy, Sun Bets has lots of great offers.   

It is now, it's four!    

I get the feeling we will have to wait until 2066 to see another FIFA World Cup for our beloved football nation. 

Here is a quick summary of other sporting winners in this famous year.

Tennis: Wimbledon 20th June - 2nd July

Manuel Santana wins the men's final. While Billie Jean King wins the women's. 

Grand National 1966 - Aintree

Anlgo wins at odds of 50-1 for trainer Fred Winter, ridden by Tim Norman. A 20-length victory beating Freddie who was runner-up the year before. 

Gold Cup 1966 - Cheltenham 

Almost as well known as England winning the World Cup, equine star Arkle made this a historic Gold Cup winning for the third time in consecutive years. Tom Dreaper trained this amazing nine-year-old for the Dutchess Of Westminster, ridden by Pat Taaffe at odds of 1/10f. 

More Horse Racing 

Flat racing:

The English Triple Crown wasn't achieved. We had to wait until 1970 for Nijinsky to win the 2000 Guineas, Epsom Derby and St Leger. He went on to win the Irish Derby just for good measure. 

Who won these races in 1966? 

2000 Guineas - Won by Kashmir trained by Mick Bartholomew, French-trained colt who showed class as two. 

Epsom Derby - Charlottown trained by Towzer Gosden. This bay colt won seven of his ten races but retire at four when disappointing in France. 

St Leger - Readers may remember this class horse - Sodium. This son of Psidium was trained by George Todd at Manton in Wiltshire. Sodium finished fourth behind Charlottown in the Epsom Derby and went on to win the Irish Dery in the same year.  

The Boat Race 1966

A long history of the battle of supremacy for Oxford and Cambridge University. The 112 boat race took place on the 26th  March 1966. A tight competition, Oxford won by three and quarter lengths. Cambridge won the women's race. 

1966 European Athletics Championship 

A couple of English victories of note:

Jim Hogan won the Marathon 2:20:04.06

Lynn Davies won the men's Long Jump 7.98 m  

The only two medals England achieved in these championships. 

July 17th saw American runner Jim Ryun set a new world record in the mile timed 3:51.3 

FA Cup 1966

Football fans enjoyed a battle between two tough sides in this final. Everton went on to beat Sheffield Wednesday 3-2. 

Boxing in 1966

29th March - Muhammed Ali defeats George Chuvalo in 15 rounds on a unanimous decision.

21st May - A fight few UK boxing fans will forget. Henry Cooper deserved to beat Muhammed Ali ( Cassius Clay) in their first fight in 1963 with a left hook in the final seconds. The fight was delayed when Ali's gloves had to be changed after a tear (which was later detailed as a deliberate act by his corner). Cooper was outfought and stopped in the 6th round by a technical knockout in 1966. 

Muhammed Ali had a busy year going on to defeat Brian London by knockout in the third round (6th August)

10th September Ali had a tough fight with Karl Mildenberger with a 12th round TKO. 

He concluded the year retaining his WBC heavyweight title knocking out Cleveland Williams in three rounds. 

What's your favourite sporting year?

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Betting Like It's 1984

How many times have you searched Google for winning racing tips? 

What did you find? 

You may have found a number of successful websites including one of ours called Eric Winner. The trouble with so many punters is that they are not looking for long-term profits but an instant return on investment. Nothing wrong with that thought. In fact, it is something that all gamblers, bettors, investors would love to have in their armoury.  

Reading the literature to many ''Get Rich Quick'' schemes you kind of notice the fancy font that's highlighted in bold.   

I guess many people are not really looking for a gamble at all. Just a way of pretty much guaranteeing that they will win. 

Would you like a crystal ball?

Now you are probably reading that last sentence thinking I am making fun of the situation that so many gamblers find themselves. Who can tell the future? 

However, all investments are basically trying to foretell the future. If only I could see five minutes into the future! For starters, I would win Lotto. That would be a cool million or so even on a bad Saturday night. I guess if we could do that we would be hoping we could choose when we had that five minutes just to take advantage of the Euro Lottery for a £100M. 

Sadly, we can't see into the future. Well, not just yet. 

Compare Sports Betting Offers

You've seen the film Groundhog Day?  Re-living the same day time after time, in the hope of making it to a  

I have found a novel approach to gambling which is very much like a cross between Groundhog Day with a touch of uncertainty, but giving enough confidence that you should make a profit. 


Here's an interesting question. Would you like to know which horse is likely (ideally definitely as we are talking Groundhogs here) to be backed? 

You are watching the betting pretty much sure Joe Bloggs racing in the 4:20 Wolverhampton is going to be backed. Substantially backed. 

It would be like knowing the future. Wouldn't you like to know how to do that?

You won't believe this...

I'm going to tell you how to do it for free.


Well, you may never have considered that non-runners are very interesting. Frustrating. Yes. You notice a non-runner when eight runners turn to seven and your each-way bet comes third. Bloody non-runners. 

However, these non-runners are like a goldmine.I know you have a puzzled look on your face. You're thinking I've either been drinking grandpa's medicine or taken a knock to the head or wallet. 

They are a goldmine!!!!!!!!!

Here's what you are looking for. A non-runner which is heavily backed. It's as simple as that. Because you can pretty much guarantee the same horse, running at a similar level will be backed next start. I've seen it happen time after time. Obviously, you need to be betting on the exchanges to make a profit or hold a juicy no-lose gamble. But it is a glimpse into the future without the need for a time machine or crystal ball. 

Don't believe it works? Watch and you will see.