Tuesday, 3 January 2017

3 Deadly Mistakes Bettors Often Make & 4 Ways to Enjoy Betting

By William O'Brien Smith. 

I've edited the author's original prose. I uploaded this article without appraisal and it's dreadful. However, I would suggest that readers use this to assess where their betting is at and hope individuals are more informed than the author.  I would expect you are much more informed.

William said:

First off, why should you quit betting? 

Have you lost all your money gambling and now feel regretful and sorrow towards your family? 

Or do you just want to quit because gambling because is a sin and which brings misfortune? 

Well, I've been betting a lifetime, particularly on sports betting, and, to tell you the truth, I don't really make much money in online betting. Despite this fact, I really enjoy betting. 

I personally think that anyone who bets should enjoy it. In the past, I've seen many of my friends wanting to quit betting because they have been losing a lot of money. 

When I asked why? I found that many of them had made terrible mistakes. 

#1 They bet everyday 

There is nothing wrong betting every day if you are confident enough to make money in most of your bets. Professional bettors often bet every day and I know there are many wealthy people who have a lot of cash in hands bet every day of the week. However, I couldn't follow what they did. Do you know why? Professional bettors know how to bet because it is their job while rich people have unlimited resources. Both sets of people can afford to take the risk to bet every day. Mind you, everyone should bet within their comfort zone and NEVER EVER borrow money. 

#2 They didn't research enough before placing their bets 

Most of my friends and I love sports betting because that is probably one of the easiest ways to make money betting online. In the end, it is down to how much hard work you're willing to put in before placing the bets. I've found that those people who quit did not do research. This is the most basic criteria which should look up before placing your bets and if you don't, you are liekly to lose your money. 

#3 Online sports betting needs a system 

A good sports betting system can help you to skyrocket your profits in the shortest time and help you avoid making silly mistakes. Nine out of ten of my friends did not follow any good system and if you're one of them, you should look for one today. 

It is extremely hard to quit betting. No one can ever guarantee they will not bet again after quitting. One of the most important points in quitting betting is to accept the fact that you really like betting. You won't be happy without betting and you'll only feel sad after quitting it. If this is so, why make your life so hard when you can bet happily? 

So how should we bet happy? 

There is only one answer to this. You need discipline. There are only four principles you need to remember when betting: 

1) Bet within your means 

2) Do your research before betting 

3) You don't need to bet in every match, bet on those you're VERY confident of winning 

4) Follow a good system that can make you tonnes of money 

Lastly, I want to remind you again that it is very important or perhaps the most important of all to follow a good and reliable betting system. A good betting system can actually help you save lots of time in doing the research yourself and make you tonnes of money because everything is done for you. 

I myself have been using a super-incredible sports betting system which has recorded me 97% winning rate in NBA and MLB betting, and 67% in NFL betting. I know this sound a little crazy but it is something I really want to share with all the betting addicts who've been suffering much in the process of quitting betting. I've written how it works in my sports betting champ review [http://www.onlinesportsbettingexpert.com/sports-betting-champ-review.html]. 


William is NOT a professional gambler and the only reason he bets is for FUN. Looking at the money growing incessantly in my account without any effort, I'm more than happy to tell you how to achieve it with the simplest effort. Check out how I recorded a 63-0 win in NBA betting in my sports betting champ review [http://www.onlinesportsbettingexpert.com/sports-betting-champ-review.html] by following John Morrison's Sports Betting Champ. 

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