Thursday, 17 November 2011

£1 A Day Patient Staking Approach Results Update?

For anyone reading this post and wondering what my £1 A Day Patient Staking Approach is all about click here: £1 A Day Patient Staking Approach

Here’s an up to date breakdown of the results so far:

Start Date:                                 01/09/2011
Todays Date:                             17/11/2011
Number Of Days:                     78
Daily Amount Added:              £1.00
Total Amount Added:              £78.00
Number Of Transactions:       84
Profit Loss:                               £69.84
Current Bank Size:                  £147.84

It’s been 22 days since the previous results update and the profits have continued to build, all be it at a slightly slower rate. As can be seen above the total bank value now stands at £147.84 with profits making up just over forty seven percent of the total.

I am really encouraged by the fact that despite the proportion of  losing transactions rising slightly, the profits are holding their own and all it will take is a reasonably small run of profitable transactions to really turbo charge the results.

As I have written before; I do use my ‘High Probability Each Way Selections’, in a modified way! as one of the key methods used as part of  my £1 a day Patient staking approach.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post.
Stay Patient


  1. Hi Mark

    A lot of your selections have been less than 5/1 and of course some have not placed.

    What would the results look like if you had placed a £2 win bet instead of £1 e/w for each selection?


  2. Hi Neil thanks for the comment mate.

    As of today I would be exactly £1! up backing using the criteria you have specified.

    Even though a lot of my selections are at odds of less than 5/1 there is in my opinion more value in the place part of the bets.

    Don't get me wrong I do believe that over time the win bets will show a decent profit on their own but to me the main value is in the place payout.

    Hope this helps mate.



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