Wednesday, 26 October 2011

£1 A Day Patient Staking Approach Results Update?

For anyone reading this post and wondering what my £1 A Day Patient Staking Approach is all about click here: £1 A Day Patient Staking Approach

Here’s an up to date breakdown of the results so far

Start Date:                               01/09/2011
Todays Date:                           26/10/2011
Number Of Days:                    56
Daily Amount Added:            £1.00
Total Amount Added:            £56.00
Number Of Transactions:     62
Profit Loss:                             £55.48
Current Bank Size:                £111.48

The previous seven days have once again proved profitable, with an overall profit of £8.61, meaning overall bank growth of £15.61 (when the £1 a day that I add to bank is included). 

The combined compound effect of adding the profits and daily £1 to the bank  has pushed the bank past a target figure that has triggered a further increase in stakes. On the one hand the increased stakes can help to further compound the bank growth, if my current good fortune continues, or add to my losses if the approach hits a bad run of results (which will happen sooner or later).

Either way I am still very pleased with progress so far.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post.
Stay Patient


  1. Really pleased to see this going so well Mark - long may it continue!

    Keep it going matey!!


  2. Hi Mark

    Thanks for the comment.

    It's a slow process but I'm more than happy with how things are going at the moment.

    I just keep reminding myself that it's a marathon not a sprint.

    Thanks again


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