Wednesday, 28 September 2011

£1 A Day Patient Staking Approach Results Update?

For anyone reading this post and wondering what my £1 A Day Patient Staking Approach is all about click here: £1 A Day Patient Staking Approach

Here’s an up to date breakdown of the results so far

Start Date:                                  01/09/2011
Todays Date:                              28/09/2011
Number of Days:                       28
Daily Amount Added:               £1.00
Total Amount Added:               £28.00
Number of Transactions:         26
Profit Loss:                                 £12.95
Current Bank Size:                    £40.95

The previous seven days have produced a healthy profit and with the betting bank now at over £40, the staking will take another incremental step upwards, which should help to compound any profits that I make. Of course with the slightly higher stakes there is also the risk of slightly bigger losses if a bad run occurs.

I am sure though that with a combination of the edge that I know I have, and the staking plan that I have spent a lot of time on so as to tailor it to my own  psychology, there is only one direction that my bank will be heading over the medium to long term, I will leave you to work out which way that will be!

I am also pleased that the amount of time I spend implementing my approach is minimal (approximately 30 minutes a day total) and I  cannot foresee the time taken  increasing significantly, even when my bank and stakes increase to far greater sizes than they are now.

I am not saying that I am only putting in about 30 minutes a day total for all my activities, but I am only spending that time implementing my approach, any other time that I spend is on doing research to see if  I can find further edges that can  be incorporated into my approach over time.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post.
Stay Patient

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