Wednesday, 7 September 2011

£1 A Day Patient Staking Approach – Here’s the First Transaction ?

Well my £1 A Day Patient Staking Approach is now seven days old and the first transaction has been struck.

The transaction details are as follows:

Sport: Horse Racing
Location: Doncaster
Race time: 16:20
Selection: Elusive Pimpernel

I have backed  the selection £1 each way at odds of 4/1 with Skybet who are paying a quarter odds the place. I have then put a lay bet in on the win market at Betdaq to the value of £1.03 at odds of 4.9(decimal) and have set the bet to go in running. At the time of writing this post my lay bet has not been matched.

Potential outcomes:

If Lay Bet Matched
Selection wins: Win a total of £5 at Skybet, Lose a total of £4 at Betdaq = +£1
Selection Places: Stay level at Skybet, Win £1 at Betdaq = +£1
Selection Unplaced: Lose £2 at Skybet, Win £1 at Betdaq= -£1

If Lay Bet Does Not Get Matched
Selection Places: Stay level at Skybet = +/- £0
Selection Unplaced: Lose £2 at Skybet = - £2

I will not be posting every selection before the event but I just wanted to show what PART of my new '£1 A Day Patient Staking Approach' will be.

UPDATE: Elusive Pimpernel Finished unplaced in fifth place, however the lay win bet was matched on Betdaq so the loss on this transaction was limited to £1

I hope that you have enjoyed this post

Stay Patient.


  1. Blimey Mark, no one could argue the fact you are not Patient...........

    Good luck with it, I'll be following.



  2. UPDATE: Win bet as matched on Betdaq at 13:38 :-)

  3. Hi SP

    Thanks for the comment.

    Yep Patience is the name of the game. The very small stakes to start with are all part of the plan.

    I am sure there will be occasions where anyone who follows the approach will think I am crazy LOL.

    Thanks again


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