Thursday, 7 July 2011

Say Hello To LayOffMate! The Newest Addition To My Portfolio Lite

Looking at the balance of my Portfolio Lite I thought that a useful addition would be a free high strike rate/ low odds service, i.e. a free lay service.

Well it just so happens that I have been following the exploits of a fairly new blog that I believe will fit in just great.

The name of the blog is LayOffMate and the blog focuses on finding low liability lay bets in the horse racing win only markets.

With normally only one selection a day (at most), which is usually posted in the morning, LayOffMate fits the profile for what I am looking for exactly.

You can also follow LayOffMate on Twitter: @layoffmate

The staking I am using will be to achieve a gross profit of  £5 (1% of the Porfolio Lite bank) which will mean that as LayOffMate advises lays of no more than odds of 4.5 the maximum liability that I will ever be exposed to will be 3.5% of the bank.

I have taken the plunge and started following LayOff Mate’s Selections from today and his selection (Solar Sky 13:20 Newmarket, matched at odds of 3.65) duly finished 5th of six runners , so a profit of £4.75. It’s always nice to start off in profit especially when it was the only profitable bet for the Porfolio Lite today.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post.

Stay patient.

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