Saturday, 9 July 2011

Reconstruction Under Way; Phase One!

With my new look Portfolio Lite and My £1 A Day Patient Staking Experiment having been introduced; I thought that now would be an ideal time to explain about the other changes that I have in store as part of my blogs reconstruction.

The next feature that I will soon be posting about will be the setting up of a £100 trading account  that I will be calling my ‘Sports Trading Lite’ that I will post about regularly to show my trials and tribulations regarding that discipline.

I also plan on altering the 'Blog Post Of The Week' Award to the 'Blog Post Award' so that I am not under so much pressure to find and post about a post each week.

I will also be changing the 'Sunday Spotlight' to 'In The Spotlight'. This feature will highlight any other resource, apart from blog posts, that I think will add value for my blogs readers.

I will be keeping my 'Quotation Of The Week' as this is one of my favourite features and I always enjoy and get motivated by writing those posts.

So to summarize; for now the key areas of focus for my blog for will be:

My Daily Free Eachway Tips. Which will carry on being posted daily

My portfolio lite.  Consisting of a monthly report and miscellaneous posts

My £1 A day Patient Staking Experiment.  Consisting of a monthly report and miscellaneous posts

My Sports Trading Lite Diary. Consisting of  a monthly report and miscellaneous posts

The Blog Post Awards.  Consisting of miscellaneous posts

The In The Spotlight Feature. Consisting of miscellaneous posts

The Quotation of the Week.  Which will as the title says; be posted weekly.

There are quite a few more features that I will be adding but I  will discuss them in another post, titled ‘Reconstruction Under Way, Phase Two!’, when I have fully integrated all of the above into my daily posting schedule.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post

Stay Patient


  1. Mark,

    You certainly have a well thought out plan ( I guess that's why your blog) is so informative and entertaining. I respect how you constantly monitor your investments and your blog..change is good as long as you stick to the fundementals which are the stepping stone to long-term success.

    All the best.


  2. Hi Jake

    Thanks for he comment.

    I believe it is to easy to get in a 'rut' with our wagering activities and to become blinkered in our approach.

    Reading your blog and others has helped me to see that we must constantly be on the lookout to improve.

    I also believe that our blogs should show the experimentation that we try with our methods(whether profitable or not), so that our blogs readers will gain in some small way from the insight.

    Thanks again


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