Friday, 29 July 2011

A Break, Then A Change Of Direction.

I have decided that after a short break (approximately one monthI want to take my blog in a different direction which will be for it to concentrate on all aspects regarding ‘My new £1 A day Patient Staking Experiment’.

I am going to stop posting my eachway tips and I am going to stop ‘My Portfolio Lite’.

I will be posting ‘The Blog Post Awards’, ‘The In The Spotlight’ and ‘The Quotation of the Week’ features but I have decided that at this time I will not to start with ‘My sports trading diary Lite’.

Stay Patient


  1. Hi Mark,

    How are things over here mate? Not been about the "blog world" for a few weeks as I had loads of catching up to do.

    You never got back to me about my offer I don't think. I know you have a new direction you want to move in but it still stands if you want to get involved in professional trading?

    A one month FREE Trial of my Live Trading Service is on the table if you want it?

    I don't want anything in return ...just that you keep what you learn to yourself.

    Let me know anyway either here or over at my blog.


  2. Hi BFG

    Thanks for your generous offer.

    I am currently to busy to take you up on it at the moment, but I may take you up in the future if that is Ok.


  3. Beaware as this guy have you on his blog list but he is actually a cheater , he posts fake results which are actually losing ones but he post it as been profitable ! As people register to his FREE TIPS.. email will be full of betting advertising !

  4. Hi Mark,

    Yes that's fine mate, just let me know when things settle down and I'll email you the details.

    It will really click pretty quick mate and your outlook on trading will stand you in good stead.

    Good luck with the new venture


  5. Hi there,
    Nice blog. Just dropping an e-mail to check if you would be interested in a link exchange with EPL Betting Tips? -

  6. Hi Kevin

    Interesting looking blog. I have added a link to my blog list.



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