Thursday, 2 June 2011

Their At It Again And There’s A New Contender On The Scene!

Just a quick post to say let you know that there is a scrap developing again between Sam who runs The Market Examiner service and Robert the author of  Bechers Brook Blog. 

Every so often they have a bit of a tussle to see who is the heavy weight tipping champion of my Portfolio Lite.

Recently Bechers Brook had a 20/1 winner while The Market Examiner has had winners including a 16/1, 12/1 and 20/1  double stakes selections.

Mind you they may both need to look over their shoulder as the latest recruit to My Portfolio Lite; Bet Buddy has chipped in with a winner at 7/1 and I have the feeling that James is only just warming up.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post.

Stay Patient


  1. Hi Mark

    Hope you well, your blog has come on leaps and bonds,
    mine has had a strange run since Cheltenham, but
    getting very much back on track now.

    The amount of blogs I have linked up in the past 6 months
    that have died is crazy, just goes to show how hard this
    game is.

    I think you would agree this is a longterm game and you have
    to have the right measures in place to win...

    Nice results from your guys, I am keeping a watching eye
    on the blogs and hope to catch up soon...

    I don't really like the flat racing although I have a soft spot
    for Ascot and this weekend at Epsom.
    Slowly but surely getting into it, and hope to have a nice
    bank in place for the jumps season...

    Good Luck!!!

  2. Hi Dean

    Thanks for the comment Dean.

    You are definitely right about how hard this game is and about the need to have a long term plan.

    I have been reading your blog with interest and will say that I really admire your discipline to just press on when things are not going quite as planned for a while.

    I must also say it is amazing how the introduction of the excellent From Ireland service has really sparked things off for you, with the Roger Green service getting back in the swing of things as well.

    I am in the process of making quite a few changes to the blog which you will see over the next couple of weeks.

    One things for sure things are never dull in the blogging world.

    keep up the good work mate.



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