Saturday, 21 May 2011

Weekly Roundup Week Commencing Saturday The 14th of May 2011

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Highlight of the week
The Highlight of the week for me is an excellent post by Mark Iverson explaining how he plans to improve his returns from trading the sports betting markets.
Link to post: Time To Grow

Daily Round up
I posted about the changes I had made to simplify my portfolio.
Link to post: Time to Simplify!

I did not have the time to write my  Sunday Spotlight post so instead I posted on a subject that is of the highest priority to me. TIME

I announced my blog post of the week. A great post about keeping things simple.

I posted a poem that I turn to from time to time, when I need a little bit of encouragement to see a job through.

I posted the updated results for my Portfolio Lite, Which overall showed a small profit.

I announced the latest addition to my portfolio Lite; my new bet buddy!

This is also one of my favourite times of the week, where I announce my quotation of the week.  After writing these posts I always feel more motivated.

Favourite Links

I found a very interesting blog that I am going to investigate further as I believe that it could have real profit potential and I am seriously looking at ways of adding it to my Portfolio Lite.

Layoffmate  Is as the name suggests a blog about laying horses and my initial impressions that the selections are of the highest order.

Well that just about concludes this week’s Patient Speculation Weekly roundup post.

 I hope you enjoyed this post

Stay patient

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