Friday, 6 May 2011

Quotation Of The Week – A Reminder To Pace Yourself !

First a quick reminder of what the ‘Quotation Of The Week’ award is all about:

The idea is simple: Every time I find a quotation that I think will add real value for my blogs readers, I will bookmark it and put it on my list to be the: Quotation of the Week.

I will then write a post similar to this one explaining why I have decided on that particular weeks Quotation.

I will also link to it from my Quotation of the week icon situated near the top of my side bar

My Quotation of the week award will be posted every Friday.

For a full list of previous winners visit my ‘Quotation Of The WeekPage.

This week’s winner of my ‘Quotation of the week award is:

“Life’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. “


This week’s quote is perfectly applicable to sports speculation. It is my belief that the message given by this little quotation should be at the centre of our attitudes regarding our particular pursuit of choice.

The problem is though; we as sports speculators can be drawn into  short term results orientated views so very easily if we do not remain vigilant to the pressures being exerted upon us.

That is why one of the main areas of focus for this blog is to constantly remind myself and my blogs readers to work as hard as possible on our core personal skills such as patience, discipline and focus, while all the time trying to cultivate a relaxed approach as possible to the sports markets and their associated psychological pressures.

I hope you have enjoyed this post

Stay patient

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