Friday, 20 May 2011

Quotation Of The Week – Are You Calm When You Need To Be?

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This week’s winner of my ‘Quotation of the week award is:

“Calm in quietude is not real calm.

When you can be calm in the midst of activity,

this is the true state of nature

Huanchu Daoren Taoist philosipher.

This week’s ancient quote is perfectly applicable to sports speculation.

How often do you plan your bets or trades in a sense of purposeful calm? Only to let all of your good work go to waste as soon as you are in the midst of the action.

There have been many times where I have done my research and planned my course of action only to totally deviate from the plan when the pressure is on in the sports speculation markets. 

In trading the result could be a trade being left open that should have been closed out before the event goes in running. 

In betting the result could be a chasing bet, or bets,  when the result of the original bet does work out as planned.

I believe that the only way to practice calm is to focus on the plan of action as opposed to results and then practice, practice and practice some more.

One thing you can be sure of is that there will always be times where the unexpected happens and results go the wrong way, however my conviction is that if we constantly work on refining our plans and concentrate on the action instead of the results, we will learn the skill of calmness in the midst of activity.

I hope you have enjoyed this post
Stay patient

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  1. Another great posting Mark. The businesslike attitude gets tested severely during the heat of the gamble. My latest "greed" attempt resulted in a giant failure. I did learn from this past mistake as to NEVER REPEAT IT.

    Mistakes will always occur in this speculative's how we ultimately react to these mistakes that determines our success or failure. For me the super exotic wagers are a thing from the past. Rest in peace! LOL

    All the best to you my friend



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