Wednesday, 18 May 2011

My Portfolio Lites Results Summary Week Ending Tuesday 17th Of May

You may need to click on the screen shot to see the details clearly

Overall the portfolio made a small Profit of £9.33. 

Interestingly enough if I had backed all of the selections from The Market Examiner and Bechers Brook my Portfolio Lite would have made even more  profit for the week due to both services finding  winning selections that I did not back because of the changes to my portfolio that I outlined in this post: Here’s Why My Portfolio Lite Is Getting Even Lighter!.

However I knew that these sorts of situations would arise and I can honestly say that I am quite content with the way that I am running the portfolio now.

Here’s a brief breakdown of how each member of the portfolio performed for the week:

My 16+ Runner Handicap was the Star of the show this week with a profit of £27.00 which is very satisfying as the method is now in profit again overall.  If you would like to follow my tips for this method you can sign up to the secret betting club here: Secret Betting Club

My Free Eachway Tips  suffered another losing  week (-£13.50).

JERRY'S BEST BETS showed a loss for the week (-£15:00). I still believe that the overall loss for the service is down to one of the losing runs that can hit any service and  is mainly down to only putting up a small amount of selections since I added his selections to my Portfolio Lite, on past performance I know that this situation will change as the flat season gets into full swing.

I have added High Class Equine (HCE)  because even though they will be sending out there selections any day now so I want to get the structure of my reporting in place before that busy time, also I thought that if anyone was following the tipsters in my portfolio, it will give you ample time to check the High Class Equine (HCE) out.

The Market Examiner suffered a small loss on the week(-£4.59) for me but is still just in positive territory.

Bechers Brook made another good profit for the week (£16.02).

I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Stay patient

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