Wednesday, 4 May 2011

My Portfolio Lites Results Summary Week Ending Tuesday 3rd Of May

You may need to click on the screen shot to see the details clearly

Overall this week has been a poor one in terms of performance with a loss of over £50. 

Bechers Brook was the biggest loser on the portfolio but I supposed a correction was coming after such a fantastic start.

The Market Examiner is still in positive territory which is very encouraging.

My Free Eachway Tips are going through a period of taking one step forwards, two steps back.

JERRY'S BEST BETS is showing a  loss overall but that is mainly down to only putting up a small amount of selections  since I added his selections to my Portfolio Lite, on past performance I know that this situation will change as the flat season gets into full swing.

My 16+ Runner Handicap method has dipped into negative territory.

I have added High Class Equine (HCE)  because they will be sending out there selections any day now so I want to get the structure of my reporting in place before that busy time, also I thought that if anyone was following the tipsters in my portfolio, it will give you ample time to check the High Class Equine (HCE) out.

As I said at the start of this post; overall this week has been a poor one in terms of performance of the portfolio but I believe that with the changes that I am making, the portfolio will only go from strength to strength over the long term.

On the advice of  Rowan my advisor ;-) at The Portfolio Investor blog I have used completely separate banks for each service so as to limit my exposure if more than one of the tipsters in my portfolio put the same horse up as a selection.

So as not to keep repeating the same information about the staking for each tipster within my portfolio I will be adding a separate page on the blog with all of the details of each tipster, staking and results.

I hope you have enjoyed this post.
Stay patient


  1. Mark,

    So organized and businesslike, your portfolio is an example for us all to running an operation gered for success.


  2. I don't understand why you keep banging on about HCE; they have very few selections and last year was not good. Having said that I do hope this season will return to the success of 2009.
    Good luck,
    Stu Peters (I have no google a/c etc. so am "anonymous")

  3. Hi Jake

    Thanks for the kind words friend.

    I believe (as I know that you do)that a professional approach is a prerequisite for success at this game.

    Thanks again

  4. Hi Stu

    You make a valid point, but I believe that HCE will be successful and a very important part of my portfolio.

    One of the main reasons I have included Jasons selections is for the educational value(from his write ups) as well as the profits that I expect to make.

    ~Thanks again for your comment.


  5. Hi Mark & Stu,

    Just a quick reply. I can't say I was overly impressed with last year's performance - it was a frustrating season in many ways. However, there is often a thin line between a good and bad year. It is true we are very selective - this year perhaps even more so than others. But we feel that the best opportunities are worth waiting for and feel confident that we will have a successful season. Time will tell but I don't have the slightest doubt in our ability. I intend to be as professional as anyone can be, show a disciplined approach and make this a worthwhile season for our readers.



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