Monday, 30 May 2011

My Blog Post Of The Week: Are Your Trading Skills Transferable?

First a quick reminder of what the ‘Blog Post Of The Week’ award is all about:

The idea is simple: Every time I find a blog post (new or old) that I think will add value for my readers, I will bookmark it and put it on the list to be my: Blog Post of the Week.

I will then write a post similar to this one explaining why I have decided on that particular weeks post.

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My blog post of the week award will be posted every Monday.

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Now on to the main event; The winner of my  ‘Blog post of the week’ award this week goes to:

From the Traderfeed  blog.

To me even though this excellent blog is regrettably not updated any more, I still find myself constantly browsing the masses of information contained within this invaluable resource.

It is my opinion that Dr Brett Steenbarger the author of the blog has really hit the ‘nail on the head’ when he discusses in this post what he considers are transferable skills between trading and life in general.

I can relate to all of the lessons, but if I was asked to name my favourite it would probably be:

“9) The worst decisions, in life and markets, come from extremes: overconfidence and a lack of confidence.”

I hope you have enjoyed this post.
Stay Patient

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