Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Just Like London Buses!

Firstly apologies for the change to the blogging schedule, but I am suffering from man flue and have been forced to dictate this post to my daughter to type out.

Anyway even though my eachway tips are having a bad month the rest of my Portfolio Lite has been going along nicely even without any big winners, that was until today when, just like London buses,  TWO excellent winners turn up at the same time.

The star of the show was The Market Examiner with an excellent 16/1 (2 POINT) winner in the form of Ginger Ted in the 15:15 at Ayr and then Lion Na Bearnai did the business at 11/1 for my 16+ Runner Handicap Method.

I would recommend to anyone to sign up to The Market Examiner  as I believe that along with Bechers Brook they are by far the best value subscription based tipsters out there.

I would also recommend anyone to join up to the Secret Betting Club as my 16+ Runner Handicap Method selections are just a very small part of the benefits of being a member.

Right that’s it back to my sick bed now.

I hope you have enjoyed this post
Stay Patient

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