Sunday, 15 May 2011

Here’s what I believe Is More Important Than Money!

One point that I have noticed above all else since I started my Portfolio Lite experiment is how the amount of work involved in running the portfolio grows exponentially with every new tipster or method that I add to it.

One natural consequences of this observation is that I now have a new top priority, which is to learn how to best manage that most precious of commodities at our disposal: TIME

I believe that time management is one of the single most important skills that we need to learn to become successful within our chosen field of endeavour and with that in mind I plan on writing a series of posts outlining my ideas for making the most of this most precious of commodities, starting with this post which relays my reasons for taking the subject of time management so seriously.

So let’s start at the beginning; when we who take our sports speculation seriously start our journeys towards becoming professional at it, there are three main resources that we all have available to us.


Money is the tool that we use within the markets, and the amount available to each individual will vary according to their personal circumstances.


Skills are the means of using the money within the markets, again individuals skill levels will vary according to the experience that they have.


In my opinion time is the most precious of all three resources, and the good thing about it is that we all have the same amount.

Now I know by now there will be a lot of people saying that my last statement is just not true and that in their opinion we do not all have the same amount of time.

They will say that some people have far more commitments than others which means that they do not have the same amount of spare time available to them. I would reply to them by saying that I am not talking about spare time, I am talking about literally the amount of time there is, for example, in a minute, an hour, a day etc.

So to repeat, we all have the same amount of time but it is how we choose to prioritise the use of that time which can mean the difference between becoming a profitable sports speculator or not.

To summarise then, this post has outlined my reasons for making time management a top priority. I will add further posts in this series where I will look at how I believe we can best use the time that is available to us. I am not an expert on time management (far from it) but I do believe that most of us could make huge time savings just by making a few small adjustments to how we approach our use of it.

Finally I have included Youtube video on the subject of time management which at one hour sixteen minutes long appears to be a bit of a contradiction in terms, but I would advise that you pour yourself a drink get comfortable and watch the video, because it is of a lecture on time management by  university  professor by the name of Randy Pausch..

What makes Randy so qualified to lecture on time management you may be asking!  The reason is that at the time of the lecture he was suffering from a terminal cancer and only had a few months left to live, so making every minute priceless to him.

Please feel free to give your views about this subject.

I hope you enjoyed this post

Stay Patient

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  1. Excellent post Mark and I fully agree with you.

    As you know I'm away on holybops tomorrow but I plan to watch the video you posted on my return.

    Great post again.



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