Saturday, 28 May 2011

He Keeps Examining The Market And We Keep Cashing In!

Just a quick post today to say how pleased I am with the performance of The Market Examiner  Service that I follow as part of my Portfolio Lite.

With two winners in the last week, one at 16/1 and one at 12/1 (both advised at double stakes) the service is really flying at the moment.

Having said that, this kind of performance is just the kind of performance I have come to expect from them.

The amazing thing for me is that you can follow the service for the measly sum of £17 a month which I think when combined with their remarkable performance and great customer service, makes the Market Examiner one of the best value services around.

Oh and just in case there are any readers wondering; I have absolutely no financial involvement at all with the Market Examiner service, I just want to share what I believe is a service that would add real value to my blog readers betting arsenal. Also I believe that if I keep finding such good valuable resources then my blog will attract more readers J

You can learn more about the service here: The Market Examiner

I hope you have enjoyed this post

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