Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Another Little Bit of Motivation!

What separates the small group of successful sports speculators from the rest of us?

There are numerous qualities that they exhibit which help to guarantee their success, however today in this short post I would like to concentrate on only one.

The skill involved is on the face of it deceptively simple, however it is in my opinion one of the single most difficult skills learn.

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer; the skill involved is simply the ability to see a job through to the end.

If you think about it, any of us can see most jobs through to the end, however there are not many of us that do!

We start following tipsters, methods etc, only to stop at the first sign of trouble.

We make great plans, we start out full of enthusiasm, only to let that same enthusiasm get ground down by our own negative thoughts and emotions.

I do not know what the cure is for what I call this lack of  ‘Stick-ability’. However I am going to post up what I consider to be a tremendously powerful poem that helps to motivate me to stick to the task whenever doubts start to creep on me. 

Bill Brown

Bill Brown made a million,
Bill Brown, think of that.
That boy you remember,
As poor as a rat.

He hoed for the neighbors,
Did jobs by the day.
And Bill made a million,
Or near it they say.

He worked for my father,
You'll maybe recall.
He wasn't a wonder,
Not that, not at all.

He couldn't out-hoe me,
Or cover more ground,
Or hoe any faster,
Or beat me around.

In fact, I was better
In one way that I know.
One toot from the kitchen
And home I would go.

But Bill Brown always hoed
To the end of the row.

We used to get hungry
Out there in the corn.
You talk about music,
What equals a horn?

A horn yellin' dinner,
And tomatoes and beans,
And pork and potatoes,
And gravy and greens.

I ain't blamin' no one
For quittin' on time.
To quit with the whistle,
That ain't any crime.

But as for the million,
Well, this much I know.
Bill Brown always hoed
To the end of the row.

I hope you have enjoyed this post.
Stay patient


  1. Hi Mark,

    I like your poems - they are true to their word.


  2. Thanks Jason

    I think that anything that helps to keep our spirits up and helps us to focus, has got to be a good thing.



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