Saturday, 30 April 2011

Weekly Roundup Week Commencing Saturday The 23rd of April 2011

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Highlight of the week
The Highlight of the week for me was the new addition to my Porfolio Lite, 16+ Runner Handicap getting into positive Profit and loss territory so quickly. You can read a description of the method here: My 16 Runner Handicap Method

Daily Round up

I posted my weekly roundup for week commencing Saturday 9th of April

I wrote a post explaining that I was would be adding my new 16+ runner handicap method to my portfolio Lite.

I announced my blog post of the week.

I posted that  the Bechers Brook Blog was going to start to charge a (very reasonable) monthly subscription and that on the back of that and to simplify matters,I was going to consolidate my Benchmark Portfolio into my Portfolio lite.

I posted the updated results for my Portfolio Lite, which showed the positive effect my 16+ handicap method was already having (even surprised me!) .

Noticing that quite a few fellow bloggers were going through a period of poor results, I decided to share one of my favourite pieces of motivational poetry!!.

This is also one of my favourite times of the week, where I announce my quotation of the week.  After writing these posts I always feel more motivated.

Favourite Links
A great post from Mark Iverson explaining what being a full time professional sports speculator is really like.
Link to post: Thrill Seeking

A very thought provoking post on the Denmans Betting Journal blog discussing the differences between an out and out punter as opposed to a sports trader.

Well that just about rounds this week’s Patient Speculation Weekly roundup post.

 I hope you enjoyed this post

Stay patient

Patient Speculation recommends the Secret Betting Club

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