Saturday, 23 April 2011

Weekly Roundup Week Commencing Saturday The 16th of April 2011

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Highlight of the week
The obvious highlight of the week for me has got to be the six winners out of ten selections (odds between 9/2 &  28/1) by The Market Examiner and the Bechers Brook Blog, what a day.

Daily Round up
The worst day for my eachway tips (see ouch! post on Sunday)
I posted my weekly roundup for week commencing Saturday 9th of April

I wrote a post called Ouch! that discussed the poor results for my free eachway tips on the Saturday.
Link to post: Ouch!

I announced My blog post of the week, or should I say Blog posts of the week?

I posted about the six winners out of ten selections (odds between 9/2 &  28/1) by The Market Examiner and the Bechers Brook Blog, what a day.

My Free eachway tips found a winner with Countess Susy (5/1) doing the business at Hereford.
I also wrote a post outlining radical changes that I am implementing to my portfolio lite and benchmark portfolio.
Link to post: Changes Ahead!

I posted my revised weekly results summary a day late because of the pressing need to post my Changes Ahead post on the Wednesday.

No Racing So I took the opportunity to write a post promoting one of my portfolio lites free services.

This is also one of my favourite times of the week, where I announce my quotation of the week.  After writing these posts I always feel more motivated.

Favourite Links
A superb post by Denman of Denman’s Betting journal reviewing a book called Winning Investment Habits of Warrren Buffet and George Soros.
Link to post: Winning Habits

Cassini From the Green all Over blog had again uncovered a real gem, which was the a post by a Betfair Forum Member discussing how he had made over £200000 on betfair.
Link to post: Dr J Finds The Way

Well that just about rounds this week’s Patient Speculation Weekly roundup post.

 I hope you enjoyed this post

Stay patient


  1. Thanks for the mention. Busy week as always it seems. Always nice to look back on the week's events and reflect on how things have been going.

  2. Hi Denman

    No problem about the mention mate, your post deserved it, I've ordered the book by the way(you should have amazon affiliates on your blog;-) )

    Your right about looking back over the week, As you are aware blogging and betting can be full on and it is just nice to once a week look back in a unhurried manner.




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