Saturday, 9 April 2011

Weekly Roundup Week Commencing Saturday 2nd April.

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Highlight of the week
The highlight of the week for me was Bechers Brook The latest addition to my portfolio Lite getting off to a flying start with a 33/1 winner on the very first day that I included his selections in my Portfolio.To see the details click on the link in the Thursday section of  the daily round up.

I posted the (excellent) March results for my Free Eachway Tips .

I announced my blog post of the week , which this week was a post from the excellent Bechers Brook blog, where Robert the blogs author had posted his ten horses to follow for the 2011 flat season.

I introduced my Patient Staking Eachway Calculator that I am going to be using when following The Market Examiners and Bechers Brook selections.
Also My Free Eachway Selections had an excellent day with two wins and a place from 3 selections.

I posted the weekly results report for my portfolio lite and benchmark Portfolio, another good week for the portfolio lite with an overall ROI of 22.31% for the week.

On Thursday I announced the Bechers Brook blog as the latest addition to my portfolio lite.

This is one of my favourite times of the week, where I announce my quotation of the week.  After writing these posts I always feel more motivated.

Favourite Links
A guest post by Wayward Lad on the High Class Equine blog giving an excellent and informative preview of the Grand National.

The excellent reaction by our little blogging community to an announcement by Rowan of the portfolio investor blog that he would not be posting for a few days!(be sure to read the comments)
Link to post: Apologies.

Well that just about rounds this week’s Patient Speculation Weekly roundup post.

 I hope you enjoyed this post

Stay patient

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  1. Hi Mark,

    I didn't want to go overboard on my own blog about this but the 'Comments' section under my post was truly overwhelming.

    I was completely taken aback by the generosity of spirit shown. I honestly wasn't expecting any comment at all but when I showed my wife what people were sending in she couldn't believe it.

    What it made me realise is that this really is a proper community; not just the people that blog but the people that read the blogs each night. In a society in which there are so many divisions, an apparent lack of common courtesies and other very deep seated problems, it restores a bit of faith that there are a lot of decent people out there. It truly warmed the cockles of my heart.

    All the best,



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