Sunday, 24 April 2011

The SBC Says That Sweet 16 Is No Handicap To A Profitable Punt!

One of my main goals with regards to this blog is to find resources that will add value to both mine and the readers of my blog's approach to sports speculation. With that in mind I recently wrote this post to explain why I had joined the Secret Betting Club:

Within that post I explained that I had found a little gem of a report that is one of the FREE reports that you have access to when you join the Secret Betting Club.  The report is called: Winning On 16 Runner Handicap Races.

I knew immediately that if I use the information given in that report I am bound to profit in the medium to long term. How could I be so sure? Well I like maths and the maths of the bets recommended in the report will guarantee that each bet that I place using this method will contain value, which should eventually translate into a profitable balance for my betting bank.

I won’t disclose more than that, because it would not be fair to the Secret Betting Club or its members, But I was so impressed by the method that I stated that I was  going to include it in my Portfolio Lite ( that was how confident I felt)

Well yesterday was the day that my 16 runner handicap method went live within my portfolio and of course I had to put my own twist on things.

The selection that I chose was a horse called Maftu and it was running in the BET365 Gold Cup Chase along with 17 other hopefuls.

I backed Maftu eachway at 14 /1 and he started the race at an SP of 10/1.

The result went against me with Maftu putting in a good performance but only managing to come home in 6th place, which was unfortunate as Bet365 who I had put the bet on with were paying out for the first FIVE places!!

Basically my twist on the method is that I back my selection each way and then put a lay bet request in on Betfair for just under the win odds I backed at so that if the lay bet is matched I will, after commission get half my win stake back, I will leave the other half to give a bonus to the bank on the occasions that my selection actually wins. I work the lay stake out using a simple calculator that I have designed and I set the lay bet to go in running.

The lay bet I set up yesterday was matched so instead of losing £4 (1 point) on the bet I only lost £3(¾ of a point)

The reason that I have chosen to post my selections up on the Secret Betting Club forum instead of on my blog is that I feel it is the correct place to post as the Secret Betting Club is where I found the method so I believe that its members should benefit when my selections start to prove profitable.

I have set up a fairly conservative betting bank for the method of 1oo (£400) points and will bet ½ (£2) a point each way.

I will include the results of the 16+ Runner Handicap method in my weekly results report and I will post if there is any very good or very bad news to report.

I hope you have enjoyed this Post

Stay Patient

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