Friday, 15 April 2011

Quotation Of The Week – Three Little Gems Of Zen Wisdom!

First a quick reminder of what the Quotation Of The Week award is all about:

The idea is simple: Every time I find a quotation that I think will add real value for my blogs readers, I will bookmark it and put it on my list to be the: Quotation of the Week.

I will then write a post similar to this one explaining why I have decided on that particular weeks Quotation.

I will also link to it from my Quotation of the week icon situated near the top of my side bar

My Quotation of the week award will be posted every Friday.

For a full list of previous winners visit my Quotation Of The Week Page.

This week’s winner of my Quotation Of The Week award is:

"Three things are essential:

great doubt,

great faith and

great perseverance."

Zen Saying.

I found this quotation in the Quotes section of a great blog called, Sadly the blog has not been updated for quite a while, which  is a real shame because the blog is a real treasure trove of information for the aspiring sports speculator.

For the purposes of sports speculation I believe that the quote should read as follows:

"Three things are essential to becoming a successful sports speculator:

great doubt,

great faith and

great perseverance."

I believe that as sports speculators we do need to initially approach every situation with great doubt, but we do need to have great faith in our tried and tested methods for when our resolve is tested by long losing runs for example.

The need to have great perseverance goes without saying because the markets will test our levels of perseverance to their limits.

I hope you have enjoyed this post
Stay patient

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